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Links, links, get yer links here

Derpity derp, Polly!

Sinister disapproving Harry.

Harry and Polly hanging out on a hammock.

Linkity is very tired of throwing sparkle balls

Harry LOVES playing fetch with sparkle balls and basically follows me around, waiting for the chance to play fetch.

Reading Update
Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself by Sabrina Ward Harrison. Let’s just say I wasn’t this eloquent at 21, although maybe after pruning and editing for publication…

Mayhem and Harry on the couch.

Mayhem and Polly on the couch.

Handsome Harry is handsome.

Oh Polly. LOL!

Looking through the rainy windows with linkity

Polly sitting like a people, as she does.

Long Harry is long (and rounded, d’oh!).

Polly blep.

Harry looking out the window with intensity.

Linkity from the deluge

We don’t really need to break the drought with one or two epic storm events here…

Cute Polly is cute!

Snuggling siblings.

Mayhem plus some slightly mismatched bookends.

Linkity’s got the derpy bleps

Mayhem making sure we remember she’s still very cute. And that her superpower is looking tragic.

Harry and Polly about to have an epic play fight in the kitty hammock.

Harry’s blep completely ruins an otherwise majestic pose.

Polly sitting up on my lap like a people.

Lounging linkity

Classy Polly is classy!

Harry wants me to do something and taking his picture is NOT IT.

Mayhem giving me the kitty eyes o’ love.

Linkity wishes happy birthday to Polly and Harry

Happy first birthday, Polly and Harry!

First Harry stomped across Mayhem to get to his perch. Now his tail is Infringing On Her Space and She Is Displeased.

It’s hard to believe, but Polly is even sweeter than she looks! If you are a people, she will love you!


Linkity from smokey Minneapolis

It’s really amazing how far smoke can travel, isn’t it?! 🙁

I wish I had a better picture of this! All three of them exhausted from snoopervising the neighborhood.

Polly is such a pretty, loving sweetheart!

Harry reaching out to touch someone…

A quiet week in linkity land

Bonded siblings!

Mayhem seems to blame me for Polly having joined her in the kitty hammock…

Mayhem once again thrilled that Harry’s hanging out by her. LOL! Very much a “you kids get off my lawn!” expression.

Linkity returns from surprise “vacation”

It wasn’t a vacation – I had a surprise recurrence of the bursitis in my right hip after seven years and wasn’t very coherent until the steroid shot started to work. D’oh! Back today for a shot to help deal with the bursitis in my left hip, which I hadn’t had before. Apparently not terribly uncommon – my gait changed to accommodate my bunions over decades and then abruptly changed back again after surgery. My hips were not ok with that, lol! But physical therapy will help them adjust…

Oh! And I have now been with my employer (under the usual array of names that’s typical of telecom) for 25 years. 😮

Reading Update
Many, many things from Kindle Unlimited. Moving right along…

Harry and Polly keeping an eye on Mayhem.

Polly and Harry looking out the window. (Definitely working on their weight – such a challenge with Mayhem, who’s mostly fur at this point…)

A (chonky) boy and his sparkle ball.