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Linkity from partway through a civic obligation

Harry sharpening his claws on the rug, which has handled SO much worse.

Polly cannot believe!

Linkity from a mini heatwave

Harry grooming Polly’s head…

…which was apparently delicious.

Polly returning the favor and grooming Harry’s head.

Can I interest you in some linkity in these trying times?

Polly cannot believe!

Very Focused Harry.

Linkity leaving June

Polly yearning.

Harry, probably also yearning.

Mayhem is Very Disappointed in all of us, I’m afraid.

Linkity, not yet carried away by mosquitoes

Harry, trying to catch the end of a packing strap and managing to look terrifying whilst doing so.

Polly trying to catch the packing strap as Harry looks on. (She, of course, looks adorable.)

Linkity returns! (and how)

Polly, extraordinarily relaxed.

Harry sniffing the air coming through the window.

Polly and Harry creeping on the neighbors again.

Linkity linkity links

Sleepy Polly, but she’s still keeping an eye on me.

Harry “helping” me take photos.

In which linkity shares some completed socks

Some recently gifted birthday socks, featuring yarn by TallPineYarns on etsy. They’re not perfectly matchy-matchy (things got a little weird around the heel), but they’re pretty close.

Polly grooming Harry.

Harry hanging out with a whole bunch of ‘nip toys.

Polly “helping” my take photos.

In which linkity officially welcomes actual springlike weather

Nobody home in Pollyland!

Harry sleeping on the hammock.

Linkity welcomes May

Polly being exceptionally cute.

Serious, slightly malevolent looking Harry.