Once Upon a Crime

On Saturday, CursingMama came over. We walked to French Meadow Bakery and Cafe for brunch (I had gluten-free Cajun hash browns with chicken chorizo – yum!) and then walked another block to the Once Upon a Crime Bookstore.

Once Upon a Crime was holding their 7th Annual Writes of Spring event, featuring over 60 local authors. If you’ve ever been to Once Upon a Crime, which is a wee shop in the basement of a brownstone, you’re probably wondering how they crammed 60 writers into the place, much less had space for anyone else. They managed the feat by having four shifts of 15 writers each.

CursingMama and I were there to see Lois Greiman and pick up signed copies of her latest mystery featuring psychologist Chrissy McMullen and Lieutenant Jack Rivera, One Hot Mess. We experienced part of the first two shifts of authors, mostly by lurking in corners to avoid being trampled and crushed by the polite and well-behaved crowd.

Ms. Greiman braved said crowd and graciously started signing while store employees were setting up the table for her shift. Darn it, I forgot to ask her why the latest book deviated from the naming conventions of the previous books in this series (Unzipped, Unplugged, Unscrewed, and Unmanned).

Our purchases at Once Upon a Crime qualified us for the Indie Bookstore Contest – hurry, you have to make your purchase and submit a photo of your receipt by noon EST, March 31! (Qualifying purchases must be from an indie bookstore during the month of March 2009 and be for more than $0.99.)

While I was out gallivanting, the kitties were having a really rough weekend.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

“…mmm… sunbeams…” -Mayhem

23 thoughts on “Once Upon a Crime”

  1. Yay for indie bookstores! Always good to support them, no matter where you live.

    Yes, it was nice to see the sun this weekend – which also meant that the guys enjoyed their sunbeams, instead of over-heating my lap.

  2. Speaking of gluten free, I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday and I saw they had a new GF Mac ‘n Cheese. We’re not talking gourmet food here, but there is something to be said for easy comfort food.

  3. I’m so jealous of your great independent bookstores. We don’t have any left in Kent 🙁

    Poor kitties – they are really suffering.

  4. It is always a treat to have enough sunbeams to watch the kitty get her sunshine drowsing in. It’s just so cute.

    Thankfully, at least one day this weekend actually had a visit from the sun, so she got to sit in a patch of sunshine.

  5. The bookstore Writes of Spring thing looks like a lot fun. It probably wouldn’t have been as much fun in a larger place.

    Poor Chaos and May. It looks like they didn’t get any rest at all over the weekend. 😉

  6. How fun! We don’t have anything like that around us. Barnes and Nobles rents out a dusty corner in the back sometimes for one author. But we usually confuse them for part of the staff. Hehe.

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