Linkity is taking a four day weekend, falalalalala!


  • Finished a Christmas gift:


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Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Spy Who Haunted Me (Secret Histories #3) by Simon R Green. Ok paranormal thriller in which Eddie is teamed up with five other agents, who must work together and compete against each other to solve five great mysteries. The best part of this was Walker from the Nightside being one of the agents.
From Hell with Love (Secret Histories #4) by Simon R Green. Ok continuation of this paranormal thriller series. I would’ve been severely annoyed about the cliffhanger ending if I hadn’t had the next book on hand.
Blackout (All Clear #1) by Connie Willis. Very good story about the delightful chaotic time traveling historians of Oxford. Of course things go terribly awry. 🙂 Be warned that this is the first half of a story and things stop at a precarious point, so have All Clear on hand to continue. *hopes that someone returns an ebook copy to my library very, very soon*

“Socks socks socks socks socks!” -Mayhem

14 thoughts on “Linkity is taking a four day weekend, falalalalala!”

  1. I loved Blackout and its sequel. My husband and I both listened to it on audio. It is very well narrated. It really picks up a lot of tension in book 2. I was practically biting my nails. The ending is very satisfying.

  2. Ah, I was going to ask if the socks are for Mayhem or Chaos, but I see they are for Mayhem and it looks like they’re a success 😉

    I would be jealous of your 4 day weekend if not for my 3 week Christmas break :p
    It’s right around the corner…

  3. Especially good links today!
    1. I quit double-spacing after a period about 20 years ago. Yay, me!
    B. You live with 2 cats and no other roomie. How many of your linked recipes do you actually make yourself? Inquiring minds want to know.
    iii. That XKCD animation is awesome. I sent it to Smokey, both sons, and my brother, the retired rocket scientist (he and his company figured out how to make the Hubble telescope not vibrate when it warms/cools as it goes out of/into the shadow of the earth).
    IV. Speaking of islands of Canada, this:
    5. I dare not show the VW microbus toaster to Smokey b/c he would want to replace our Cuisineart toaster STAT!

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