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Congrats to Laura, who won the Hearts of England anthology by RJ Scott, Meredith Russell, Chris Quinton, Lisa Worrall, Sue Brown, & SA Meade! Hearts of England will be released by Silver Publishing on September 15.

Congrats to Brandi, who won Holding On by Em Woods! Holding On will be released by Total-E-Bound on September 17.




Think, Do, Learn, Make






  • R2-D2 luggage – I bet it increases the chance that your luggage is stolen… 🙁

Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Second Hand (Tucker Springs #2) by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton. ebook. arc. Very good m/m romance about a guy whose girlfriend left him for someone who could give her more stuff. As he becomes friends with the pawnshop owner he meets in the course of trying to sort out everything his ex-girlfriend left behind, he’s oblivious to the attraction simmering between them. I must confess that I wanted this book to be one day longer, which will make sense after you read it. 🙂
Steamroller by Mary Calmes. ebook. arc. Sweet m/m romance about a hardworking college student/copy center manager who’s snarky to a rude customer… a rude customer who seems to be everywhere he turns after that. But is that a bad thing… or a good thing?
Decorated to Death (Simon Kirby-Jones #3) by Dean James. Good gay mystery in which Lady Prunella foolishly invites a decorator, famous for his bad manners and extreme room makeovers show, to redecorate the drawing room.
Desert World Allegiances (Desert World #1) by Lyn Gala. ebook. Good m/m scifi romance about a guy who’s put into slavery as punishment and about the priest who realizes that all is not as it seems. This reminded me a bit too much of Dune
Casual (Sex) Friday by Evie Kiels. ebook short. Cute short m/m romance about a guy who went out on a dull date with his coworker, but now keeps saying no every Friday when the coworker asks him out for a drink… until said coworker runs into him in the park after work one Friday…
A Younger Man (Cabin Fever #3) by Cameron Dane. ebook. Meh m/m romance about a fortyish handyman who gets a twenty-something man and his siblings a place to live in exchange for fixing up the place. The handyman doesn’t want to be attracted to the younger man, but… The sex scenes were frequent, lengthy, and excessively euphemistic to the point of being purple prose. “Striated bud”? “Pulsing channel”? Just ugh. I only made it through the book because I finally gave up reading the sex scenes.

“Mom says to please caption amongst yourselves because she’s had a really long week already.” -Mayhem

13 thoughts on “Linkity after a long week”

  1. Hope you get a chance to recharge this weekend! I am flying to Quebec City over 12 hours and 3 flights on Saturday, so I shall relax vicariously.

    Loved the video of Rufus the cat getting his box tower.

  2. Mayhem, you look so sleek and smooth, I wish I could pet you! Gandalf wants to know if you’re Photoshopped?

    Those two pictures of the black kittens? Made me laugh at loud! So.Cute.

    And of course. Those baby tigers. Oh.Man.
    A recent post from Brigitte..Malcolm Is A PoetMy Profile

  3. Why remake heathers? I am mystified by all the remaking and rehashing. But USB typewriter? Yeah baby.

    I discovered a big drawback of ebooks –while sitting on the runway waiting for our turn to take off I had to keep it off. They are pretty dangerous after all.
    A recent post from Mary Lou..Fiber CollegeMy Profile

  4. A little late, the 50 shades generator had me in stitched, so gross
    The kitty cardboard box tower made too cute, lucky kitty

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