Giving thanks

Hopefully things will get back to what passes for normal around here now, but no promises!

Time to extend much-belated thanks for some lovely birthday gifts gifts I received. A few days before my birthday, Jeanne and Deb came over to celebrate with me. Jeanne brought along an extremely tasty flourless chocolate cake she baked for the festivities.

Chaos menaced my guests.

“Hand over that tissue paper, lady, if you know what’s good for you!” -Chaos

Mayhem was a bit more subtle.

“I wonder how much wrapping paper and tape I can eat before Mom notices?” -Mayhem

(Hmm, no pictures of Jeanne, as she was taking pictures of me. And no pictures of me because I look absolutely demented in every single one of them.)

Deb gave me a toasty, autumnal skein of Misty Alpaca sock yarn, It Itches, adorable non-skid pawprints for the bottom of socks or slippers, and a very fun scissors case (with scissors even!). Thank you, Deb – and no, you aren’t going to be re-gifted with the yarn on your birthday. 😛

“Excellent! A scissors with a carrying strap. I’ve been looking for one of these.” -Mayhem

From Jeanne, a knitting pinup calendar (hmm, probably not suitable for my cube at work), the Yarn Harlot’s page-by-day knitting calendar (hopefully more suitable for work), a cat lady birthday card (inside it says “After a while you stop counting”), and more luscious sock yarn. (Yes, Jeanne, I know there’s something else. It was very tempting and harder to photograph. We’ll get there.)

Jeanne also gave me an adorable pocket needle gauge, which Mayhem really, really likes. I’ll probably have to hide it if I ever want to see it again. Thanks, Jeanne!

“I’ll keep a close eye on it, Mom! Nothing will happen to it. I promise! Hee hee hee.” -Mayhem

And although they couldn’t be here in person, the paos were with us in spirit. They sent my beloved dark chocolate covered rice cakes, a chocolate coffee stirrer, a great card (“Women invented chocolate. Men invented calories.”), more gorgeous sock yarn, and a test that I’m supposed to administer to the kitties. Thanks, mrspao and pao!

“I can watch this yarn for you, too, Mom! Hee hee hee.” -Mayhem

27 thoughts on “Giving thanks”

  1. No wonder you have a huge stash of sock yarn! Would love the one from the Paos if it didn’t have purple 😉

    Well!? How did the kitties do in the test and which one got the catnip mouse?

  2. Wow.. what a great haul! Do you have any information on those paw print anti-slip things? I’d love to get a bunch of them b/c while puffy paint does work to an extent, it cracks and gets ugly. I have a white linoleum kitchen that both hubby & munchkin think is a skating rink – I’d like to at least stop the small child from doing the ‘sock skid’ across the room. The larger child is 34 and knows

  3. What great stuff! That needle gauge is very cute, you must try to keep it from Mayhem–she’s up to no good on that one.

    You’ll have to give us May’s and Chaos’ test results.

  4. such lovely gifts. and you deserve them all!

    what is it about black cats and their love of tissue paper/wrapping paper! Mine go absolutely nuts over it during the holidays.

  5. Hey there- looks like you had a fun birthday, knitting friends rock!

    I’ll have to try to make a cake like that for some relatives. I have an aunt with celiac and a couple more rellies with some grain sensitivity issues…

    Anyhoo, wanted to let you know I’ve got a little recipe contest (for yarn!) up on my blog this week. Stop by if you get a chance, and feel free to mention it here if you’d like.

    Happy knitting-

  6. Well, I don’t think Chaos looks terribly threatening…more like Ozzie when he’s begging. (Sorry Chaos!)

    Nice pressies. (I like Deb’s boots, too!)

  7. Hehe 🙂 Glad you liked your gifts and it looks like you had a lovely time!

    I love that pocket needle gauge next to those cute kitty paws – so cute 🙂 Chaos is absolutely huge – I couldn’t tell from the way he glowered at me from under the chair when we visited.

  8. LOL! Chaos really has a thing for tissue paper. Nice haul and some gorgeous yarn. I like that needle gauge. I’d probably stick that on my keys, along with everything else.

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