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Congrats to Sara V, who won Hot Hands (College Fun and Gays #1) and Grade-A-Sex Deal (College Fun and Gays #2) by Erica Pike!

Congrats to Darcy, who won Lesson Learned by Lillian Francis!

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  • How fast do you read? (Thanks, Jase!) I only got 533 words/minute – I think I’d do a lot better on a test using a contemporary example. 🙂


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Reading Update
Heart in Hand by salifiable. free online. Very good m/m romance about two hockey players on rival teams who become friends – and more – through an unusual turn of events. I got sniffly more than once while I was reading this one. What didn’t work so well for me were all the hockey details in the last third of the book, which got to be a bit much. (Note that this is, as Kate puts it, set in an alternate universe and features two real-life NHL players.)
Private Eye (Liaisons #1) by SE Culpepper. ebook. reread. Very good m/m romantic suspense about a PI who gets involved in the case of a missing teenager when he’s contacted by a cop who’s a friend of the family. Too bad the extremely hot cop is straight… I’m looking forward to the sequel and wondering how SE’s going to get me invested in Mark.
Waking Up Naked (Sex Sells #2) by Kim Dare. ebook. Very good kinky m/m romance about a guy who wakes up naked and hungover in a strange bed with no idea how he got there. And when he eventually does figure out where he is, things don’t go so well…
Songs You Know by Heart by Dr. Noh. free online. Good short m/m romance about a wealthy jerk of a businessman with a taste for rough sex who offers to blow the straight guy who mugs him in the park, never expecting to see him again…
Technicoloured Something by Zebbie. free online. Good m/m romance about a prickly gay architecture student who’s in a wheelchair. He’s not happy that his partner for a major class project seems to be bicurious and hitting on him.
Second Wind by Mickey S. free online. Good m/m romance about a widower with a young son and a conservative family who becomes friends with a gay man and finally acknowledges the feelings he’s always had for men. It doesn’t go over so well with his family… This story suffered from excessive name use during conversation and could definitely have been shorter, but it was sweet anyway.
Here Comes the Corpse (Tom & Scott #9) by Mark Richard Zubro. Good gay mystery which starts with Tom and Scott’s getting married. Too bad Tom finds a body in the bathroom at the reception.
File Under Murder (Tom & Scott #10) by Mark Richard Zubro. Ok gay mystery in which Tom finds a severed head in a file drawer at the clinic for gay teens where he volunteers. This one was kind of dull, and Scott was nearly absent from the story.
Everyone’s Dead But Us (Tom & Scott #11) by Mark Richard Zubro. Ok gay mystery in which Tom and Scott vacation at an island resort and bodies start turning up everywhere. This was beyond silly, actually. And what the heck is up with the book blurb, which says that, “Tom Mason, former Chicago area high school teacher, recently made a public splash by marrying his long-term lover, former professional baseball player Scott Carpenter.” The problem is that, as far as I remember, neither of them has retired from their professions. Their wedding a few books back was timed after the end of the baseball season. The next book is set at the school where Tom teaches, and it sure sounds like he’s still teaching. The blurb on GRs matches the blurb on the dust jacket.

“Oh oh… what was that scary noise?!” -Mayhem