Extremely extreme linkity



  • If you love to scribble in books and feel constrained when you borrow books or check them out from the library, check out NoteTabs, which are combo Post-its/book flags.
  • Rich also has a post on what he calls the WYSIWYG Conundrum – how it can be hard to edit (and particularly hard to edit our own words) because  we see what we expect to see when we read.


Learn, Make, Do, Think

  • Lifehacker has a nice comparison of Google Docs and Microsoft’s free Office Web Apps. (High level: Microsoft shines in dealing with highly formatted Office documents, but doesn’t have collaboration. Google Docs doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but I definitely agree it’s great for real-time collaboration.)
  • Raise your hand if you thought the FDA had the power to recall dangerous food. Yeah, I thought the same thing. We’re wrong.

Gluten Free

  • D’oh! French Meadow Bakery is four blocks from me and I haven’t tried their gluten free muffins yet!

Not that Interested in the Post, But Holy Crap that Picture Is Scary



  • Poor Franklin reveals the nasty rash of lace charting symbols on his chest and arm.
  • I think I’m glad that all spiders are eaten here before things get to this point. (Eaten by the kitties, not me, just to clarify.)

Teh Cute, It Burns

  • Be honest – who, besides me, is tempted to catnap Melly?

Reading Update
Phonebook by Amy Lane. ebook short. Fun’n’steamy m/m romance short about a guy on a business trip who calls his boyfriend, but is too embarrassed to have phone sex… directly, at least.
Gay Man Seeks Same (G-A-Y, Book 8 ) by Kim Dare. ebook. Sweet’n’kinky m/m romance about a serious guy who has a crush on his fickle coworker and places a personals ad in an attempt to get the coworker off his mind.
Bound by Deception, Bound to Him, and Deliberately Unbound by Ava March. ebooks, plus free ebook short. Very good kinky Regency m/m romances about a minor aristocrat who’s been in love with one of his well-to-do friends for years, but only recently realized that his friend was also gay. Will his deceptive scheme to take the place of his friend’s usual whore, while remaining anonymous, ultimately backfire? (And check out Ava’s post Story Behind the Story – Bound by Deception.)
The Cross of Sins (Fathom’s Five, Book 1) by Geoffrey Knight. Say you had five gay Indiana Joneses… you’d have Fathom’s Five and a rollicking romp of a read. 🙂
The Landlord by Jeff Erno. ebook. Ok kinky m/m romance that was a really mixed read for me. It’s about a brand-new college grad who gets his first job, rents his first apartment, and, via his landlord, discovers his submissive side. While I enjoyed the story, I didn’t enjoy the writing; who thinks in the passive voice?!

The following are all part of Dreamspinner’s Midsummer’s Nightmare Daily Dose:
Love Among the Stacks by Andi Deacon. ebook short. Enjoyable paranormal m/m short about a guy who’s doing research among the library stacks late one evening when he meets a very intriguing library worker.
Becoming the Spoils by J.L. Merrow. ebook short. Very good, fun paranormal m/m romance short about a journalist who gets gothed up and goes clubbing in an attempt to get the scoop on vampires, but who gets a little bit more than he bargained for.
The Scenic Route by Chrissy Munder. ebook short. Spooky short m/m paranormal romance about two guys driving through Lower Michigan on their way to the UP who stop at an extremely rustic motel for the night…
The Wounds in the Walls by Heidi Cullinan. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a day laborer who’s hired by a paranormal psychologist to, supposedly, do some work on an old house with a tragic past. Be aware that there are some menagey bits, but, as with Special Delivery, Heidi Cullinan makes it work.
Wishes by Moria McCain. ebook short. Short paranormal m/m romance about werewolves living in a society that doesn’t believe there can be mating bonds other than male-female. This started out strong, but too much story was crammed into far too little space and the ending felt rushed.

“Maybe they’ll forget how crabby I was yesterday, coo about how cute I look today, and try to rub my tummy. Bwa-ha-ha!” -Chaos

31 thoughts on “Extremely extreme linkity”

  1. 2 thoughts here:

    1. On the EEK link: did you see the pic of the results of that goo gun? Holy crap that looked gross!

    2. In reference to the cougars and cologne…we discovered this summer that Axe Chocolate spray seems to put dogs “in the mood,” when an acquaintance of mine spent an entire weekend running away from a particularly amorous Newfie…took him two days to realize it was the body spray..hehe…
    A recent post from Melanie..HomesickMy Profile

  2. That BP Coffee Spill video was funny.

    You know I’ve never had a Twinkie? I don’t even think you can buy them here. We have other similar products made by Vachon, a Quebec company but not a Twinkie proper. I passed on the deep fried Twinkie when I was at the New York State Fair. The smell of grease was so pervasive there we both left feeling sick even though the only think we consumed that was fried was a funnel cake (which was plenty). Oh and I have no real desire to taste a Twinkie, deep fried or not.

    I bought something gluten free yesterday. They are cornchips but with cinnamon and sugar on them. Totally addictive. They had free samples in the check-out line, it was a long line, they came home with me. Sigh. Damn subversive grocery stores.

    I think I need to take a Kim Dare break, will discuss tomorrow. LOL
    A recent post from Tam..Hump DayMy Profile

  3. You are cute today my demon master…. 😛

    But, but, I like tattoos..

    I’m going to check out more extreme linkety when I get home tonight – so much good stuff – thanks Chris!

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the mention!

    That bat pic IS scary… didn’t realize they had teeth like that!

    But the quote that Teddypig links takes the cake. Who THINKS like that?! “Last week, the council claimed that repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” would lead to an explosion of “homosexual assaults” in which sleeping soldiers would be the victims of fondling and fellatio by gay predators”

    Scaredy Cats.. geez…
    A recent post from Miranda..REVIEW: CovetMy Profile

  5. @Melanie I wish they put that information into the Axe ads. I find the idea of random women clinging to some guy’s back pretty distasteful, so it would be nice for them into indicate the real b!tch of the story.
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..getting it doneMy Profile

  6. Well, something like that spiderweb wouldn’t last very long around Mel…it’d be full of teethmarks very quickly.

    Maybe I’ll try to rub Chaos’s tummy while wearing a work glove.
    A recent post from naomi..eye candy fridayMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the mention.

    Great links as always. The BP video is funny, the bat is scary looking and the kittens cute as always. I’ve had two cups of coffee clicking and reading your links. lol
    A recent post from Lily..Funny…and weirdMy Profile

  8. Wow, I must go through some of these links when I get home today. Too much fun! Though, I will say up front that it does not surprise me that most people don’t care about trashing the environment. You can tell by how little is done about it, and how big a stink is made when some law trying to fix things *IS* passed. (Like the banning of plastic bags at grocery stores.)
    A recent post from Nicole..Quick WiPMy Profile

  9. LOL at the Peta ad and rejection letter!

    I love that BP ad.

    I’m not sure which is scarier – the photo of the bat or the idea of exploding bats.

    My crew hasn’t been doing a very good job of spider eating lately.
    A recent post from Sydney..The Food EditionMy Profile

  10. A waterproof cover for kindle. Do they have anything with bubble wrap for the other ereader? lol waaaaah!

    Chas is darned cute – maybe we can overlook yesterdays snit. 🙂

    Good books – as usual there are some going on my tbb!
    A recent post from Tracy..Saturday SongMy Profile

  11. Thank you Chris! I like the post about how honest a review should be!

    Chaos – you have cute sorted…am sure you’re cute even in your sleep 🙂
    A recent post from orannia..The E WordMy Profile

  12. Linkety-link indeed! Believe it or not, my boys have a twitter account (@CatRulers) where they offer their take on human manipulation and domination.

    And yes, Chaos, all crabbiness has been forgotten.

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