This isn’t quite what I had in mind for the meaning of “Best Friend”…

Thanks for the great ideas for making yesterday’s unworn sweaters more wearable! I’ll have Chaos get right on that…

Project: Best Friend Jacket from The Knit Stitch, knit in Skacel Ethno
Here’s another sweater that I don’t wear as much as I should. It’s gorgeous. I love how it turned out, but… the asymmetrical front bothers me – I didn’t expect it to. And, um, I got really confused when I was finishing the sweater. The ends are woven in… on the outside. Whoops! (Don’t even ask… really, because I have no good explanation.) Good thing the texture of this yarn camoflages that problem!

“Oh boy, what’s this on the floor?”
“Can I get in it?”
“Why yes..”
“…yes, I can.”
“Hee hee – she’ll never find me now!”

“This is the life. I love this new cat bed!”

So the question of the day… is it Chaos? Or Isadora, visiting from Imbrium’s blog? Or Cricket, visiting from Maeve’s blog? We suspect that there may be numerous black blobs roaming between blogs, similar to the portrait network in Harry Potter… Be alert!

38 thoughts on “This isn’t quite what I had in mind for the meaning of “Best Friend”…”

  1. Ha! My old kitty, Q-tip, used to hide with her head in something as if the kitty bum stitcking out the back end didn’t give her location away…”if I can’t see her, she can’t see me.”

  2. Does Chaos sleep under the covers? Burrowing is typical dachshund behavior……..maybe you have a chaoshund….
    I like the sweater… should wear it.

  3. Or, is it Carmen? Nope, wait, Carmen’s still asleep on my computer monitor… our “blob” doesn’t have 1/10th the charcter of Chaos… she’s just, well, a blob.

  4. I have this running joke that my dog is really me, reincarnated after I’m dead. I’m beginning to wonder about Chaos. That cat has a serious love of sweaters. 🙂

  5. I think the sweater is gorgeous, but I have to admit that the asymmetrical front is a bit…odd.

    I wonder if Isadora spends her days when I’m not home creeping into other peoples’ blogs. If that’s the case, I’d better figure out where Tyberius runs off to….

  6. You know I can’t get into the asymmetrical thing…bugs the heck out of me. I love the sweater tho….I’ve looked at it in the book 100 times, but even tho I KNOW i could make it symmetrical….it puts me off. Like she says in the book, you either love it or hate it…

  7. Disentangled – Chaos does that, too! It’s particularly amusing when he’s on the table and scrunches down behind a book. Um, yeah, I can’t see you anymore… YOU’RE A 15-LB BLACK CAT & YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE! OF COURSE I CAN SEE YOU, DOOFUS!

    Christine – He only burrows in the covers when I’m trying to make the bed.

    Mama_Tulip – Good point!

    MightyMouse Mommy – Hmm, does Moemee have unexplained absences??

    Hee hee, Susan, maybe I need to felt it down to his size!

  8. Chaos cracks me up! and the caption under the pictures carcks me up even more!!

    ty, for the tip about the mini swap. i signed up today! you should start a swap for pets. maybe that will keep Chaos away from your knits!!

  9. Chaos, I told you to tell your Mom you want a sweater all your own. Sometimes you just have to use words, those humans just don’t understand actions. Besides, that sweater just doesn’t do a thing for you. You need a cashmere cloud in silver

  10. you know what? i think chaos, the big lover of knitterly things that he is, would actually wear a kitty sweater, should you knit him one. such a cutie!

  11. Hey that cat was in my pasture yesterday! I tried to call it to me, I guess I should have used a sweater.

    That’s about as high a compliment as you can get on your knitting. And it makes for extremely cute pictures.

  12. Hah! Never been to your blog before, but I love your cat!!! I mean, handknits are great and all, but much funnier with a furry a** in the picture!!! I had to send your blog URL to my brother, part of a 2-cat, 2-human household. He and fiancee will relate entirely.

  13. I’m with mouse, “That’s a gorgous kitty bed.. I mean… kitty sweater.. kitty jungle gym.. knitted feline recreational area.. I mean.. sweater.”

    Calling it with a sweater! lol jenifleur.

    The asymetrical thing bugs me too.

  14. **laughing a lot at the*–15 lb black cat in the middle of the table comment… I needed a good laugh ;o) thanks

    Let’s just hope you don’t plan on wearing any light-coloured shirts underneath those sweaters ;o) **black chaos hairs** Has he tried to hide a mousie in any sweaters yet?

  15. oooooooh..pretty..shiney..sleek kitty. Beautiful green sweater too. How KIND of you to make a sweater that shows off the kitties assets so well!

  16. I’d vote that it’s the HP Portrait deal, but the behavior is just too Chaosish. I don’t think he’s really a cat. He’s a leprechaun in a black fur jumpsuit…


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