The gallery of unworn sweaters (now featuring blobs!)

I have an assortment of handknit sweaters I never wear because of problems that need correcting. My intention was to present them here and solicit suggestions. The intentions of the Cat Chaotic, however, were somewhat different…

Project: Bulky top-down v-neck tunic (#996), knit with Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran
Problem: Bottom edge (several rows of garter stitch) flips up. Mild blocking didn’t seem to fix this. I would prefer not to add more length to the garter stitch bit, as I think it will look odd. Maybe heavier blocking?

Chaos has apparently already started on that.

Project: Sitcom Chic, knit with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Problem: Front bands are rolling way too much. Probably can be corrected with serious blocking/acrylic killing?

Chaos is awaiting the verdict before he gets started on this one.

Project: Rosedale, knit with Noro Kureyon that I got several years ago from Anmiryam!
Problem: This was my first bottom-raglan and the sleeves are a wee bit long. Since the corrugated ribbing is stiff, I can’t simply push this up my arms when it gets in my way. I think I need to snip into the cuffs about an inch from the bottom, pick up the stitches, and bind off. Any other ideas? Eunny knows how I am about snipping knits…
Edit: The corrugated rib cuffs are too tightly fitted to fold over, alas. The sleeves were knit from cuff up, then knit into the body of the sweater (to help with stripe matching).

Chaos is flummoxed here, as he does not know how to use scissors… yet.
So he’s just passing the time until we get some feedback.:

31 thoughts on “The gallery of unworn sweaters (now featuring blobs!)”

  1. That cat is tooo much! I love where he’s going into the sleeve to check it out! On the Sitcom Chic – I’ve seen where some people back the button band with grosgrain ribbon – mine does the same thing…

    (everytime I block something overnight I wake up to fine little dents of cat prints going across it… now cat-paw-dents firmly dried and “blocked” into my project)

  2. I think Chaos would LOVE Janna’s suggestions. I’ve got nothin’ for you, other than cut the cuff and reknit it, but this is a great idea.

    That grosgrain ribbon Lynda suggests sounds like a good idea too. Cat prints blocked in! How cute.

  3. Oh, you are very lucky for having such enthusiastic help!

    I would try the ribbon, too. You could quickly slip stitch it in. If it works, then great; if not, then you haven’t invested that much time.

    Re: the sleeves, I think unfortunately all you can do is snip and frog. It’s a great piece, though, and well worth the effort.

  4. I cannot keep him off any knitting that I’m trying to photograph! He’s a “dog cat” – he’s always following me around to see what I’m up to.

    Thanks for the ribbon tip for Sitcom Chic!

  5. Re : Rosedale. How many inches are there between the last sleeve increase and where you joined it to the body? I would look at taking it off there.

  6. Marina – Oh, yikes, that’s not going to happen – the sleeves are knit, then knitted onto the yoke (so you have lovely matching stripes) – not sewn in after the body is done.

  7. For sweater #2, the cotton-ease one, you could sew grosgrain ribbon onto the insides of the fronts. That will keep them from rolling in. (just read your other comments, and sounds like Lynda beat me to the punch there)

    For sweater #3, if you want to avoid the scissors, you could fold the cuffs up and tack them down with a bit of extra yarn or matching thread. Then you have a cuffed sweater that won’t keep rolling down.

  8. I often suffer from the too long sleeve problem. Even though I had decreased the sleeve length quite dramatically for my Rowan cardigan I still had too long sleeves and have folded them over to act as a sort of cuff which does look quite nice.

    You’re a braver woman than me if you’re contemplating using scissors!

  9. I totally understand the dog-cat thing. Thunder is a dog-rabbit. And I can’t put any knitting on the floor without being ‘helped’ with it. Now I wait till he’s locked up!

    Forgot to mention Rowan did apologise and say a paragraph was missing from the instructions. You don’t say 😉 It’s all done now and awaiting the dreaded sewing up….

  10. Buy a cute “strip” of beaded edging to add to the bottom of the Bulky top down. Will dress it up, but atleast it will be wearable. Just machine sew it right on and the weight should help.

    Single crochet or i-cord for the rolling front.

    The third — short of snipping or ripping — what about decorative fold over in a couple of places on each sleeve — then stitch it like a design detail. Could even use embroidery stitches in contrast color?

  11. Can you tell me why I ever sold that yarn? Huh? Seriously, it’s a lovely sweater. Take a deep breath, cut and reknit. All will be well and you’ll get to wear that beauty.

  12. You are a very accomplished knitter! I wish I knew how to fix the curling problems also! I haven’t advanced past sock/mitten/scarf making :o(

    Tell Chaos to keep his kittenwar helmet at-the-ready! Maybe he is ‘just practicing’ on the sweaters…

  13. I’d try a row of single crochet on Sitcom Chic too.. that usually weights down edges. I did that on the Harlot Poncho I gave my sister in law. Good thing that cat can’t use scissors..

  14. Chaos cracks me up!! What a funny kitty. I should really give my kitties more of an appearance on the blog. Re: the first sweater — bummer! I would maybe unravel from the bottom, then pick up and re-do the g st edging? I don’t know how well that’d work, I’ve never tried it. Or maybe add a stretching thin cord through the bottom and let that “hold it together” more? Re: the Noro sweater (so cute!) — I would definitely snip and pick up, and re-do there. Re: Sitcom chic — could you add a crochet trim to it? Would that look funny?? I’m not sure how it’s edged really. And getting back on my serious ADD with so many silkroad aran projects … this is why I had to have a Year of the Stash.

  15. I tried to comment last night about your sweaters, but I guess “you” didn’t want to talk to me. sniff, sniff. Anywho, thanks for the Tilt comment, I was pretty pathetic, wasn’t I?
    Beer cozzie pattern will be forth coming, it’s pretty simple.
    Chaos, I’d be asking Mom to knit me a sweater, seeing as you are all cold and in need of warmth. I mean, what more do you have to do to tell her this?

  16. Rosedale is beautiful. I think maybe the snipping, picking up on DPNs and binding off would work for the long cuffs. Just do it VERY carefully 🙂

    The garter stitch on the tunic, you might try pressing with a warm/hot iron and a damp cloth. Maybe the same thing would work on Sitcom Chic, but I’ve never done the killing acrylic thing though.

  17. As I don’t know the first thing about knitting, rather than offering less than helpful suggestions, I will just exclaim in utter amazement over your skills. You actually fashioned those gorgeous sweaters with yarn and neededles? That is fabulous.

    As for Chaos, he is wonderful. Petey also loves to inspect and lie down on anything that is new or different on the bed or floor. And both of mine follow me everywhere, including the bathroom. Petey would get on my lap on the toilet if I let him :o)

  18. Pick Me Pick Me!! I love fixing other peoples problem sweaters!

    Wth the first one, the cast on edge is too l;oose, thus creating a floppy rolly crappy bottom. Undo the cast on edge, knit one row on slightly smaller needles, cast off loose enough that it won’t be a problem to put on probly with the same size needles you originally used.

    The Sitcom thing, pick up a number of stitches along each side, a good #, so that it won’t be too tight, knit one row. cast off, or knit an edging of choice. this will make it more stable.and less rolly.

    The rosedale, pu it in and mark the sleeves length you want, mius the ribbing or cuff, marking same row on other sleeve. Get out your scissors.
    snip one or 2 stiches, so that that you can pick ou that row. Put stitches back on needle, and knit the cuff down, cast off loosely. Voila!
    Whew! Email me with questions!!

  19. I think you have more sweaters that you don’t wear than I have sweaters! I tend to frog the whole thing if I don’t like it. I’m sure there’s a much less drastic solution though.

  20. You should preserve the ribbing on that Rosedale. I’d snip at the bottom of one section of a stripe, pull out that color from each sleeve, and graft it together.

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