The weekend (more or less) in bullets

  • Did everyone have a good holiday?
  • My Christmas Eve looked a bit dicey at first, since we got a foot of snow from December 23 through 24!
  • My car is rear-wheel drive (i.e., handles poorly in snow, even with 120 pounds of sand and 40 pounds of kitty litter in the trunk) and is only about three inches off the ground.
  • Did I mention that we got a foot of snow?
  • And that Minneapolis was mostly just plowing major streets until the snow finished?
  • And that I don’t live on a major street; I park my car in a parking lot off of a narrow neglected alley?
  • Oh oh.
  • But! My brother to the rescue! He picked me up in his big ol’ four-wheel drive pickup and saved Christmas.
  • Whew!
  • When my brother dropped me off at home on the morning of the 25th, the snow had changed to rain.
  • I’m sure driving got really exciting at that point.
  • I wouldn’t know, since I hunkered down in my condo and didn’t go anywhere else all weekend.
  • When I drove to work Monday morning, my car looked more like a small portable snow bank than a vehicle.
  • As I got home from work Monday evening, two guys left our building.
  • They were carrying a bathtub…
  • …which had been sawed in half.
  • *blink blink*
  • There was soymilk every flippin’ where.
  • ARGH!
  • Bad kitty.

“I’ll give you one chance to recant that ‘bad kitty’ business, Mom.” -Chaos

34 thoughts on “The weekend (more or less) in bullets”

  1. Chaos! Shame!!! Good thing it wasn’t chocolate…

    When they were renovating this place a few years ago, they had to smash the old claw-foot bathtubs into pieces in order to get them out of here. Makes you wonder how they got them in in the first place…

    Freezing cold here now… *mope*

  2. We had a nice Christmas and it was sort of white. Christmas Eve we got a sprinkling of snow.

    Now, I’m wondering why they would have to saw a bathtub in half?

    I can just see Chaos licking his lips after all that soymilk…priceless. 😀

  3. Don’t you love a white Christmas… 😉
    We had a lot of snow the week before x-mas but it was all gone by the 24th, so no problems travelling to our family for us.
    LOL! Can’t blame the kitty for letting you know he doesn’t like to be left alone, can you?

    BTW I’m halfway The One That Got Away… I gotta say, the anticipation is killing me!! 🙂 They not even shared a single kiss so far! Are they getting to it any time soon?! *grin*
    I actually don’t mind… since I’m reading it on my new Sony!!! Yay! 😀

  4. So how’s the snow situation now? Do you have any left?

    I totally laughed at your description of your car. Portable snowbank – that’s funny. Funny because I didn’t have to dig it out. 😉

  5. Does soy milk smell as bad as regular milk if you don’t get it all up? Yuck! Did Chaos need a bath?

    So jealous of the snow, but when you never get snow it’s easy to forget that it can be a pain in the a$$ when you have to live with it.

  6. Consider yourself lucky. If that had been real milk, instead of soy milk, Chaos would have puked every flippin’ where, on top of having scattered his prize every flippin’ where.

  7. not sure what to share first.. the hilarious image and my subsequent chuckles over your small portable snowbank (I can completely see what you mean!!) OR the deep heartfelt groan and sigh of compassion for the gnawed soy milk carton escapade… (which would probably been followed by some screaming and fur chasing at my house)

  8. Chaos looks pretty unrepentant.

    I remember shortly after moving into the house I decided to make banana bread (or something similar) and I left them on the counter under a pair of kitchen towels, and Saru-chan during the night while I was asleep leapt onto the counter and took a nibble out of the backside of the uncut loaf. Arrgh!

  9. That’s quite the creative revenge! I hope Mel doesn’t get any ideas.

    You’ve got me curious, now–was there actually a tragic fire in that book, or just in the stock-photo story?

  10. Soya milk – Chaos might have been hoping for some ice cream considering your weather. I know it is probably awful to live with but a foot of snow (stares dreamily in the distance…)

  11. Hey honey!!! **waving frantically & missing you**

    Yay for brother saving the day! Modern day hero he was!! yaya!!! I am glad that you enjoyed your holidays!

    Chaos… tisk tisk… ((giving him some milk on the side – good kitty)) Bad kitty.. you know better than to do that… lol!
    Have a great honey!! Miss you! Sorry I have not been around!

  12. Yikes! That’s a lot of snow. Sounds like your brother is quite the knight in shining armour! Glad to hear you made it out OK. I was so grateful to have 4WD for our trek up to WI for Christmas.

  13. Yikes, I’m glad you got to your brother’s Chris! That is a lot of snow. We’ve only got a dusting here.

    WTH were the guys doing with the bathtub…

    Chaos! No wonder he was looking a little green, ack, sorry about the mess.

    We did have a nice Christmas. Very, very busy, no time to blog and now I’m back at work, at least until the day after tomorrow. Then I have another 3 days off. WOOT.


  14. Oh no, poor Chris! Hopefully the soymilk didn’t get dragged onto the carpet. I sure hope my crew doesn’t hear about this. But now I’m dying to know what the guys were going to do with a bathtub.

  15. glad to hear you survived both the holiday and weather! i have never had a rear wheel drive, i always saved my butt with front wheel or a 4 wheel! ( i have the 4 wheel now in the family. hey, you never know when you’ll feel like driving across that cow field!)

  16. Sounds like you had a good Christmas weekend ! Enjoying checking into your blog from time to time, good entertainment !

    Keep taking good care of those kittys.

  17. So, how long did it take for MPLS to open up your alley? We discovered that our city plow will come down the street approximately 5 minutes before Gameboy has finished clearing our driveway – it’s almost like clockwork. We also discovered that when faced with the plow my so has his mothers language. Too bad hes too big for me to wash his mouth out with soap.

  18. I swear your life is like a high risk job….

    Danger, obstacles and other cooky oddness through the days…

    I am glad you survived (thank god for brothers with big cars) and your babies are fine even if they are in a vengeful mood….. those cat suits you…


  19. you left him alone long enough for him to get into that mischief, so… it’s REALLY your fault. pretty sure that’s what he thinks.

    ps. seriously, how do you read so many books? i am pea green.

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