Let us bib

Signups are open for Sockapalooza 4 – sign up fast, because they won’t be open for long! I think I’m going to skip this one – the pressure of knitting socks for someone other than myself or my family – oh my. I did sign up for Sockamania, which is limited to 25 people, so act fast if you’re interested in that, too! 4/13/07: Sockamania is now closed.

Signups open April 16 for Knitters’ Coffee Swap Round 2! Mark your calendars – Round 1 was a blast.

Not only is it the month of prizes for participating in the Walker Treasury Project, but Karrie is offering an additional special prize to a randomly chosen mosaic swatch knitter. Since the only mosaic swatches so far have been knitted by Karrie and one other person, you have great odds on this contest!

You could win a free Jordana Paige knitting bag – winners will be announced on April 23.

Knitting Update
Coworkers whose wives are having babies… what to do but knit bibs? 🙂

“I do not approve.” -M

“I do not approve. At. All.” -M

“A little help here, big kitty? No?” -M

“Heh. The secret is to look so pathetic and betrayed that Mom removes the bib herself!” -M

Doesn’t taking a picture without the flash (even as terribly blurry as it was, since May moved her head) convey a totally different feeling? How would you caption this last picture of Mayhem?

47 thoughts on “Let us bib”

  1. That second picture of Chaos with the bib on is hilarious. I love the look he’s giving you, and his little slits for eyes.

    As for the caption…god, it’s too early for me to think. How’s about, “Soon I will spit pea green soup and levitate.”?

  2. I think May was giving you the evil eye. If only we knew what she was thinking!

    Thanks for the heads up on the coffee swap. I was really sorry I missed that one last time around!

  3. That poor May…what can I say..you’ve got a crazy mom!
    I’m skipping S4, too. I just finished socks for someone else…it’s my turn;-)

  4. return of the bibs! woohoo! Nice matching there – green bib, green eyes. It’s a good look for her. 😉

    I wish I drank coffee. is there a hot chocolate division? maybe I’ll have to start my own…

  5. May is so cute even in her disgruntlement! It is a very nice bib, but can any bib compare to soft, black kitty fur?

    “Oh, no, is that another bib?! Where to hide? Where to hide?”

  6. That bib turned out fantastic! No obvious pooling or flashing!

    “Oh no! Must keep the bib-wearing personality inside. Deep inside. No, you are not seeing my bib wearing personality!”

  7. Hi there!
    I’m sorta-maybe-a-little-back from the great unknown land of not-blogging…but it’s likely that I may not blog much about knitting over there at GlutenFree Knitting…! Course, also I may disappear again for months.

    And snow is April is EEEEEEEEvil. (she says as she complains that it will never get above 45 here in Oregon…!)

  8. Oooh, the coffee swap! I’m so excited!! I have never done one. How about this for Mayhem, ‘see big kitty, I really AM from a different space-time continuum’

    awww poor little May, she looks like she’s about to latch on and put you in a head lock in that second one 🙂

  10. I think the second picture displays her feelings to a T! Love the kitty-in-a-bib! Maybe you could put her on the front of the cards you give with the gifts. What would the inside of those cards say I wonder?

  11. oh, i loooove torturing cats with bibs!

    that could be a whole new site–Stuffon CatsDOTcom move over, we’ve got Cats in Bibs!

    in that last shot i think she’s being transported through a wormhole into an alternate blogiverse.

    and i *love* that one skein of sugar’n’creme makes a whole bib. i can’t think of a better baby gift for less than two bucks…hehheh!

  12. I love the second picture, I think that it perfectly conveys what Mayhem thinks of wearing the bib…
    I can’t think of a caption for the picture, but I can think of a poor kitty in my house that could use a bib, he is such a messy eater!

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