In which I allude to the cruelty of April snow

Susan’s having a contest in honor of her blogiversary and a comment milestone – guess which yarn her daughter chose for socks and you could win the other yarn plus matching stitchmarkers. Leave your guess by midnight, April 15, CDT.

Jimmy Bean’s Wool has a pattern contest every month. Their prize pack is amazing and probably beats what many online knitting magazines would pay you. I know many of you have designing skills, so I hope you give it a shot!

Snow. Blech. Need I say more? Here’s a picture from back in the snowy days of March… I liked the “Minnesota Nice” sticker and how it tied in with the “Snow Emergency Route” sign. Plus the balloons were a festive touch to an ugly, dirty snowbank. We better not have enough snow to make snowbanks. I might lose my mind…

Moving right along to happier things, remember when I swapped Knit a Fantasy Story with chittavrtti? Here are the goodies she sent me – two gorgeous 225 yard skeins of Socks that Rock in a lovely deep green (Beryl, probably the only green I’ll see around here for a while) and some espresso roast Peet’s coffee beans. Mmmmm… Thanks, CV!

“Smells… green. Mmmm… Greenies.” -M

“I can tell from here it isn’t tuna yarn! Hmph.” -C

(from a distance) “Look out for that coffee, May! Did I ever tell you about the time I ate a coffee bean when I was a kitten? Man, that was a rush.” -C

“Yeah, whatever, big kitty, and I bet you had to walk a mile uphill in the snow to get to your food bowl.” -M

47 thoughts on “In which I allude to the cruelty of April snow”

  1. We have a “dusting” of snow. Translated into the-rest-of-the-world-speak, that means it will slippery as all get out and there are idiots on the road. Belting up now, and taking on Highway 61.

  2. I love that green yarn; I MUST have some!

    I am still living in denial about the impending snowstorm we are supposed to get. I’m so ready for summer (perhaps I need to move south)!

  3. Chris- In April, snow becomes a four-letter-word.

    And it was really cold here as well. Nasty.

    A new color combo- Beryl and Chaos Black. Stunning.

  4. We had green for a while. Now it’s all brown. Even the UPS was commenting yesterday about how all the trees are dead. I like that shade of green in the STR and Peet’s espresso roast – Yum!

  5. green yarn AND coffee? that’s like happiness all wrapped up in one for me. I went for a walk this morning and at least in Philly it looks like mother nature is starting to fullfill her promise of spring. it was cool, but there was that bite in the air that let me know it wouldn’t be for long. here’s to hoping it warms up out there soon!

  6. Snow is accumulating on my truck as I type this – hopefully it will all melt before the evening commute. I need a job where I work from home and get paid more than I do now.
    So – what are you knitting these days other than socks?

  7. Snow in April. April is the cruelest month! We called the dirty snow “snirt.”

    What lovely deep greens in the yarn!

    May isn’t overly impressed with her big brother, is she?

  8. I miss the snow! We did get a little bit last week here in Kentucky, but it certainly wasn’t like real Midwest snow.

    Love the pretty green yarn! And did Chaos really eat a coffee bean? I can only imagine how crazy that would be to watch.

  9. I hope your snow disappears soon. It is time for some nice weather out there!

    May sure is adopting an adolescent attitude lately. LOL!

  10. Blah, blah, blah, freakin’ snow, grumble, snow, grumble, grumble. I am SO ready for spring. Yes, I know, I was the person bitching because there WAS no snow for the longest time. Done, over with, move on!

  11. Ha! Caffeinated kitties! What will you do with TWO skeins of that yarn? I have vague plans for the one (same color!) that I have. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow…why oh why didn’t it all come in dec and jan??

  12. Snow eh? I remember going to England for a family wedding one year – It was around this time of year. Mum and I had bought beautiful floaty spring dresses for the event and finished up in wooly jumpers and trousers on the day because it snowed – We were not amused.

  13. ack, it snowed here yesterday too. about 2 inches. it melted last night. but *still*. ACK.

    love that green! green is project spectrum. green is good. green is greenies…or not! psych!!! (sorry, M & C…)

    no coffee for cats. (although Isis did manage to jump into my half-full coffee bowl once from the back of the couch…i had one thoroughly coffee-soaked kitten and one half-coffee soaked house guest, who fortunately was very good-humored about borrowing a dry pair of pants from me while i put her skirt though the washer and dryer.)

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