Giving thanks with linkity

No linkity next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US!

Harry thlurrrrp.

Polly’s “helping” me take photos…

Mayhem asleep on my lap.


4 thoughts on “Giving thanks with linkity”

  1. Laser loon FTW!

    I couldn’t get through all the pics of that Victorian. They made me dizzy.

    Boob lights are very weird. I showed the pic to Larry, and he said “What are they, stupid?”

  2. I love those ficlets! So cool.

    But I do not love the Cheetos bath bombs. (Even if they smell of oranges instead of Cheetos.) And I noticed that the Lucky Charms and Froot Loops ones don’t have a scent listed, so I imagine those are supposed to smell like the cereals… ick.

    That MCM is very unusual. I was going to comment on the carpeted bathroom, for example, but with a shower as enclosed as that picture seems to indicate, you could probably get away with carpeting the bathroom. Very strange.

    The mirror house is weird. Some of it I like a lot (like that blue bathroom, very pretty color choices) but I wouldn’t want to live in a mirrored house like that. Fires would be one possible problem; keeping the mirrors clean would be another.

    I do NOT like that round house. You’ve shared some round houses that were nice. This one is not like those. (It’s interesting, though! And why don’t the doors all open to the same patio? So weird.)

    That chair is CURSED. Back away slowly so it doesn’t eat you style cursed.

  3. Eh? So, this week there’s nothing nice enough to praise, and nothing un-nice enough to mock? Maybe it’s me. I’d better schedule a checkup.

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