Lurching along with linkity

Skeptical Harry is skeptical.

Polly tummy!


3 thoughts on “Lurching along with linkity”

  1. I actually quite like a lot of these, not that I’d necessarily want to live in them (or maintain them).

    As for the weird Utah one, it’s for energy efficiency. Check out “Earth sheltered homes”.

  2. How could a book authored by a person named Silvanus be anything other than fabulous?
    Curse you, Baskin Robbins! I was easily resisting your evil concoction of Sweet Potato and Autumn Spices, then BOOM!, You had me at Honey Cornbread. You lost me again at Ocean Spray. Ya shoulda used Stove Top instead.
    You have two paths to follow, should you wish to avoid my wrath. Either get Hobby Horsing into the Olympics, or retrofit every Harry Potter movie, replacing all the brooms with Hobby Horses.
    Tape Deck House – HMMM? 1.9 mil for a reel to reel tape player? BUT – it comes with a house decorated in “Early Unfortunate”!!!!
    Very Colorful House – For a second I mistook the skylight over the dining table for a mirror. Kinky!
    Pink House – Are you sure this one didn’t come from Cake Wrecks?
    Balanced House – The Brubeck connection and the view? Yes! Still doesn’t quite balance out the “Is this the house I want in Earthquake county?” factor, though.
    Utah – Strange or Odd. Those are your choices in Utah.
    Another Strange – Somebody oughta had schooled them in decorating.
    Gold Record House – I hope they find a buyer that will keep it as is. Do not sell it to the Tape Deck people!
    Griege – Monthly Mortgage $15,000, Monthly Windex $150,000
    Appreciation – I don’t think you’d appreciate all the hard landings you’d have with this staircase.
    There Must Be Steps- Why, Yes, my dear, there are … Some. Think you can make it to the top, guessing where they are? Mwah-hah-hah-koff-koff, excuse me, hah-hah, where am I?, I lost count- hah.

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