Linkity waves goodbye to November

Some completed socks for me! These are both Lang Super Soxx – the rainbow ones are the “Parrot” colorway and the others are the “Lion” colorway, using the Vanilla Latte stitch pattern. Thanks to BookWyrm Knits for the inspiration!

All three cats working together to reapply the fur I had just washed away.

Harry and Polly napping on my lap and legs.

3 thoughts on “Linkity waves goodbye to November”

  1. Nice socks!

    So many nopes.

    Funny that the book I just finished reading had a character who lived in a Pullman train car.

  2. Some of the Huh? house pictures look worryingly like the MRI scans of my oversized but underfilled brain conveyance device that I got during my checkup.

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