Late summer linkity

Polly looking worried about something.

Harry thinking deep thoughts with a hair hanging out of his mouth.

5 thoughts on “Late summer linkity”

  1. Ah, I looked at the listing and it was the old Bedford Jail built in 1895. (With jail cells still “in tack” [sic].) “Possibilities are endless” (yes, if you’re a serial killer or human trafficker).

  2. I love the fairy tale comic! And jokes about writers! And the LOTR music stuff! (Especially the LOTR music stuff.)

    That upside-down restaurant is really neat, but trippy. I wonder if the people who work there feel like they’re working in an MC Escher picture?

    I really kinda love that MN house with the primary color trim and handprint bathroom! Less so the stilts for that NC house (though the interior looks lovely). The GA castle has potential, but is also making me exhausted just thinking about all the work it needs done.

    I’m sad about the house that they made bland to sell it. Though to be fair, maybe they wanted to take their treasures with them? Like, if that was my house, I would want to keep that flying pirate ship light from the surreal bedroom. And maybe even the chipmunk fireplace. Though I’m really confused… of all the things they took or replaced, they LEFT the pink sectional sofa thing from the surreal bedroom, but NOT the ottoman that matched it?

  3. I saw that black, white, and chrome house on Instagram – ZillowGoneWild. My comment was this was clearly the dream house of a bachelor pad – all black, white, chrome, some gold. Probably a tech multimillionaire. No woman will ever live in that house as it is. And the only reason any woman ever walks into it is to get laid by said bachelor. And then probably murdered.

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