Linkity braces for the return of the hot weather

Siblings hanging out together by the window.



3 thoughts on “Linkity braces for the return of the hot weather”

  1. I kind of like the MCM, but it seems like there’s a bit too much woodwork in the main part, and not enough in the guest area.

    I like the look of castle house too (white walls and dark woodwork – looks very turn of the 20th century). But it’s not a house I’d like to live in.

    50’s house is fun!

  2. That castle house is amazing! I think the balcony above the main bedroom was just to give access to the skylight, though. My biggest question about that house is the enclosed shower stall. Is that a tub behind it?

    That hot pink Victorian is a big nope. I don’t like either side.

    I’ve been on a cruise ship with stairs like those (I don’t think it was that ship, but it was one very similar) and the worst part isn’t the wavy layout, the worst part is the tread material being whatever glass-like thing they used. It looks pretty but didn’t feel safe to me. I could just imagine someone spilling a drink and making the stairs slippery.

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