Linkity hates hail

Last Friday, we had a severe thunderstorm with hail. My poor car! 🙁 It’s challenging to get a body shop estimate at the moment because of how many vehicles were affected. But at least it was just body damage – there were broken windshields elsewhere.

Awww, Polly.

Handsome Harry!


4 thoughts on “Linkity hates hail”

  1. I will take that lion house… but only if all the lions are included. The Orono house w no basement? The occupants could shelter in that fireplace, Really, though, tornados (and hail storms and all manner of plagues) are forbidden in Orono. You can look it up in the city charter 😉

  2. Ugh, no fun about the hail. I hope you can get your car fixed without too much trouble!

    I love the ice cream parlor + live-in apartment, but that would be really dangerous to live there and not also work there… I know I’d be eating at the ice cream place all the time.

    Those are some very colorful houses! But I think the highlight of the AZ one is the ceiling light fixtures. They look really cool.

    The Montana house is neat, except I don’t like any of the bathroom options (especially—but not only—the one out in the open). And what the heck with that black & white house? I would feel really weird going in there, like I was in an art movie or something.

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