Linkity is ready for green growing things

Mayhem and Harry on my lap.

Harry on the track toy.

Polly blep!

3 thoughts on “Linkity is ready for green growing things”

  1. I would also love to read more of that ficlet. Like… please T. Kingfisher, write this novel.

    OMG! So many bookshelves. But too many tiles. And too many mirrors.

    I love the house with the privacy boulder, but after the winter we had this year I would be very hesitant buying a house on a hill like that.

    I do like the saxophone house. But how is it only $1.9M? That seems low. (I say this as someone who lives in the South Bay. I’ve driven past other bizarre houses in the Berkeley hills, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the saxophone house in person.)
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  2. Ready for green, too! It will actually be in the 80’s this weekend (which unfortunately isn’t all that great for flooding risk after all that snow), but it will be a nice change. But then back down into the 60s next weekend. :shrug:

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