Linkity in the time of April showers

Polly sitting like a people on my lap.

Silly Harry!

Guess who thinks their dinner is late?!

3 thoughts on “Linkity in the time of April showers”

  1. The NYC city block/fantasy world transfer post made me think of Wen Spencer’s TINKER. And reminded me that I haven’t read HARBINGER yet. Must do that soon…

    Those Fifth Element miniature sets are really cool. And so is the junkyard dragon!

    Somehow I never thought about what “the exception that proves the rule” actually meant before. And now I’m wondering why I never thought about it, because it’s honestly really cool.

    OMG, that spam and tater tot casserole sounds amazing. So do the strawberry lemon blondies and the carrot cheesecake bars, though. Maybe I’m just hungry… it IS lunchtime…

    You found some great houses this week! I love the movie set one, the castle-ish one, and especially that over-the-top one in NJ. I do NOT like the all black one, though. Living there would feel so oppressive.
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