Mayhem is THRILLED (not) to be sharing the sofa with Harry.

The Cute! It burns!!!! (Polly is as sweet as she looks.)

Harry wondering what the heck I want NOW.

3 thoughts on “La-la-la-la-linkity”

  1. Okay, that “invisible” house is amazing. Though honestly, the picture I liked the most is the one that shows all the stars you can see at night out there.

    I enjoyed reading the list of the LOTR good stuff from the movies, though I disagree with those who said in the comments that movie Faramir was better purely because he had the growth arc with the ring. I think it was important in the books to have someone who was completely NOT influenced by the ring at all, so to remove that from the movies felt wrong to me.

    That dome house in LA is kinda neat—and even though I don’t want spiral stairs in my house, it’s nice to see some stairs that DON’T look like they want to murder everyone! That fairy tale cottage / hobbit house is so adorable. The mansion near you looks amazing, and I was glad to see that the interior wasn’t quite entirely painted white.

    That is not a treehouse. It’s neat (though the shower in the bedroom is a bit weird) but it’s not a treehouse.
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