Linkity sympathizes with anyone who has paraskevidekatriaphobia

Yet another shot of Mayhem looking every bit the Panther Princess.

Polly on my lap, Harry (suspiciously) next to my legs.

Polly side eye.

5 thoughts on “Linkity sympathizes with anyone who has paraskevidekatriaphobia”

  1. Happy Hug a Black Cat Day. Happy New Year as well, but we all know which one I think is more important.

    The article on reading rituals was very interesting. Mainly bc my reading is so hit and run anymore. Rather than a nice, planned time and space, it’s all: 5 mins! quick! 🙂

  2. I 100% agree on the peas being upside down. The whole process that post went through.

    Love the superhero legacy ficlet! And the Tolkien / Martin comparison. I’ve seen comments before on how JRRT was impacted by the war, but it’s never been laid out in so much detail before (in the posts I’ve seen).

    The 90-second B&N shopping spree was an amusing watch! I’ll admit, I didn’t see how it was at all a good gift to just loving the idea. 😉

    I did not know countertop stairs were a thing. That is just majorly cursed.
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  3. Aw, sweet froggy.

    I love the painting of the Happy Meal. Good thing it doesn’t have any upside down peas in it.

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