Linkity hunkers down for the cold again

Polly and Harry napping – Harry, as always, keeping an eye on me.

Polly and her sleeping “blep”.

Harry “thlurrrp”.

4 thoughts on “Linkity hunkers down for the cold again”

  1. Noooo – it can’t be Friday again. It was just Friday the day before yesterday, wasn’t it?

    I think the step-down room in the shabby-to-start-with house must either be for a baptismal font or a mud wrestling pit.

  2. That thing about Smaug is fascinating, but I find myself wondering who the wealthiest fictional character is, if Smaug is only the second. I don’t even want to think about what it means that there are 14 (or 18) humans richer than a literal ancient dragon. (EDIT: oh. Scrooge McDuck is apparently the richest fictional character. I should have guessed that.)

    I am not sure about the Disney cereals. And I am VERY unsure about the highland cows or sheep footstools. Those just feel wrong…

    You find the most cursed stairs. Wow.
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  3. I was surprised to see the Disney MM Club cereal was “Naturally Flavored” Confetti Cake Cereal. Most of the Confetti I’ve tasted has a naturally yuchy papery taste. I do like the Highland Cow footstools, but only in the natural Pink and Green colors. I don’t think the Spacey house looks at all like Kevin. Very disappointing. Not just wallpaper, they also like yellow too much. I was initially confused by the dome with the nautical theme. Then I realized, I was “not tickled” by it at all. I believe the last was item was misrepresented as a “staircase” . It is in fact a kitchen utensil. Simply dump a sack of potatoes down the center, and when they reach the ground, they’re all peeled! Well, once again I’ve a feeling I may have overstayed my welcome.

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