First linkity of 2023

It has been ridiculously snowy here in Minneapolis this week. I took the picture below on the morning of January 4th and it kept on snowing all day, into Thursday morning. We got around 15 inches/38 cm. UGH.

I knitted two pairs of socks for Xmas gifts and they were well received.

These were knitted from Meilenweit.

These were knitted from some ancient Regia.

Mayhem is still a lovely panther princess at 16.5 years old!

Staticky Polly!

Harry keeping warm and cozy.

3 thoughts on “First linkity of 2023”

  1. Some of the most interesting parts of “The Oregon Trail” by Rinker Buck were about mules. I learned quite a bit, including that George Washington is considered to be the “Father of the American Mule”. (He wasn’t the first to breed mules in America, but was the first to import large donkeys in order to breed larger, stronger mules.)

  2. Hi kitties! Everyone is looking fabulous. 😀

    I don’t believe that map! Honestly. Everyone knows New York is further north than Texas.

    Good stuff about LOTR. Now I’m even more excited to re-read the trilogy this year than I had been before. (I bought the Andy Serkis narration, and I was already really looking forward to it.)

    I love the stripy handknit socks! I don’t think I’ve knit anything from Meilenweit, but that yarn is really vibrant and pretty. (Regia, OTOH, is one of my all-time favorite sock yarns.)

    Happy New Year!
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