Linkity did not enjoy catching a cold

Everyone looks THRILLED, don’t they?!

Polly looking down at Harry.

Polly LEAPING over Harry as he stares out the window.


5 thoughts on “Linkity did not enjoy catching a cold”

  1. I think I will start adding burrs to my gravy when I get my new gravy boat. Should add a realistic touch.

    I will not be greatly distressed when those hideous Blues Brothers statues are drownded by global warming.

    I think what makes most of the staircases look kinda hazardous is the point of view of the pictures. If they were shot from another angle, they’d probably just look ravenously bloodthirsty.


    That mushroom house is cool, but I think my favorite part of it is the Alice in Wonderland garden.

    I think I kinda need that puking cat gravy boat… 😉 Cool dragon fountain, too!

    You find some great ficlets, but I think that one about the cursed stone is one of the best. That was a really good read!
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