Linkity for the December doldrums

Polly is so chatty and excited!

Harry napping on the cat tree.

Harry and Mayhem on my lap. Harry desperately wants Mayhem to lick his head.

3 thoughts on “Linkity for the December doldrums”

  1. Aw, poor bald eagle. He’s having a rough day.

    I sort of like the unicorn horn, but I fear I might impale myself.

  2. The unicorn horn is so cool! Though I also noticed the mixing bowl in that picture has a pour spout. I didn’t know there were bowl options with a pour spout! I guess I know what’s going on my next birthday wishlist…

    I have questions about the LEGO stairs. And the poptart house. But not about the emergency toilet… I’m just going to pretend that doesn’t exist.
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