Abundant linkity abounds

No linkity next week! I won’t be available during my linkity making time.

“WHAT NOW?!” -Harry and Polly

Probably wondering if I’m taking an unflattering photo of them…

Harry watching a BIRD.

Polly chittering at a bird.

3 thoughts on “Abundant linkity abounds”

  1. OMG. Honk-Morpork is PERFECT. As is that photo of Martha Wells! LOTR as a recipe blog is perfect! And that LOTR embroidery is amazing. I love the use of French knots for the forests.

    That murphy bed + office + everything else cabinet does look like it would need to stay. I can’t imagine fitting it in any moving truck. Re the stones in the wall of that one house: I’m not sure if they bother me more, or if the rounded walls everywhere do. Or the bedroom walls not always reaching the ceiling. It all feels odd. I would faceplant into that kitchen tree a lot, too.

    My, Polly. What big teeth you have!
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