Linkity is so ready for a long weekend

Mayhem in the midst of shaking her ears off of her head, apparently.

Harry sees a BIRD!

Polly is so stressed…

4 thoughts on “Linkity is so ready for a long weekend”

  1. OMG, I love that bit about Bilbo! I had forgotten that he was declared dead in The Hobbit… it’s been way too long since my last re-read. (I’m listening to the audiobook now, but have only just reached Mirkwood so I haven’t gotten back to the Shire yet.)

    Yup. Tsundoku. It me.

    Those strawberry cookies look amazing. I agree, though, I’d use dark chocolate instead of white chocolate.

    Owl loaf! That ark-shaped tiny house is neat, but I imagine I would end up with dreams of floods and my house sailing away. Dragon stairs are cool! Though I don’t like the carpeting in the living room. And while the missile silo house idea is kinda neat in a recycling sort of way, I think it would give me the creeps.

    Kitties are cute. Hi cute kitties! I hope Mayhem’s ears got reattached to her head.
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  2. Oh, I love that sea serpent sculpture! Would love to see it in person.

    We had one of those electric GE skillets in “flame”.

  3. The one green bean “salad” was a family reunion staple for years. It always sat next to the green jello with shredded cabbage “salad”.

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