Linkity hail

Polly has been enjoying watching BIRDS out the windows.

Harry also enjoys looking out the windows at BIRDS.

But nobody’s letting spring get in the way of napping.

4 thoughts on “Linkity hail”

  1. I have the gayest Fablon decorating idea EVER! I’m going to put my sharpie fish scale bathroom, surrounded by a motion sickness tile floor, INSIDE my mirror cave kitchen! Then I’m just going to sit in the tub, getting a lovely X-Radium tan, and wait for an earthquake, so I can enjoy a delightful Campbell Soup Shake with no effort. Or, if I’m really lucky, the whole thing will collapse on me and I’ll be put out of my misery!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Dracula Daily, but I have been wanting to re-read the novel again soon. I have to admit, it does sound weirdly relatable for our modern times.

    That is such a cute dragon comic! <3

    I had expected the Crisco mansion to be hideous. I was highly surprised to discover that I liked it. (Much too big, though. I could house my entire extended family there.)

    The pirate-themed house looks a bit like the Pirate Suite in the Disneyland hotel! Mr. Wyrm and I got married there—we rented the suite, and it was plenty big enough to hold a ceremony and reception for 25 or so family and friends. It was really cool!

    There is no way I would vacuum my ceiling.
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