A quiet week in linkity land

Bonded siblings!

Mayhem seems to blame me for Polly having joined her in the kitty hammock…

Mayhem once again thrilled that Harry’s hanging out by her. LOL! Very much a “you kids get off my lawn!” expression.

4 thoughts on “A quiet week in linkity land”

  1. Oh, no no no. That Zillow listing one had Resident Evil video game vibes. NO WAY I’m going in there.

    The bookish road trip looks amazing. It’s not what I had expected—I thought it would be a “road trip” of books set in various cites—but this looks like a great list to take on vacation if I end up in any of those areas.

    I mean… Mayhem’s not technically wrong about it being your fault. You are the one who brought the kittens home, after all. (Though I suspect there are more good moments that you just aren’t showing us. 😉 )
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  2. I follow Zillowgonewild on IG. As weird as some of the houses are, I actually follow it for the comments, which are frequently hilarious.

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