Linkity from smokey Minneapolis

It’s really amazing how far smoke can travel, isn’t it?! 🙁

I wish I had a better picture of this! All three of them exhausted from snoopervising the neighborhood.

Polly is such a pretty, loving sweetheart!

Harry reaching out to touch someone…

3 thoughts on “Linkity from smokey Minneapolis”

  1. I love the Robot Apocalypse story! And also the “Earth actually is magic” one is a ton of fun!

    That’s a lot of Jane Eyre retellings. Like… a LOT. And it’s not even all the ones I’m aware of. Wow.

    OMG. I am not a fan of macaroons in general but I MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE DRAGAROONS. Or maybe a Dragetzel. (Drapretzel? Hmm.)

    LOL @ the cat alphabet. Very cute, just like your three up there all tired out. =>.>=
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