Linkity for stressed and/or judging kitties

Probably won’t be linkity next week – I’m having double foot surgery on Monday (bunion and tailor’s bunion) and I’m going to take things easy for the rest of the week.

Reading Update
The Long Way Down, The White Gold Score, Redemption Song, The Living End, A Plain-Dealing Villain, The Killing Floor, The Castle Doctrine, Double or Nothing, The Neon Boneyard (Daniel Faust 1, 1.5, 2-8) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about a small-time Las Vegas magician and thief who gets caught up in a much larger story. You definitely want to bookmark the author’s reading order page for this one, because it’s part of set of interrelated series and things will get confusing if you try to read any one series straight through.
Harmony Black, Red Knight Falling (Harmony Black 1-2) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about an FBI agent and witch who becomes part of a black ops team meant to protect the country from supernatural threats. You need to read it interspersed with the Daniel Faust series, or by Book 9 of the Daniel Faust series, you will be very confused.
Got Luck, Lucky Day, Got Hope, Got Lost (Behindbeyond 1, 1.5, 2-3) by Michael Darling. Good urban fantasy series about a PI who discovers there’s a heckuva lot going on just below the surface of the world than he realized.

Oh, poor stressed Polly!

And poor stressed Harry!

Mayhem is ABSOLUTELY judging you, me, the kittens…

5 thoughts on “Linkity for stressed and/or judging kitties”

  1. Best of luck with your surgery! I have a terrible bunion on my left foot. It makes shoe buying/wearing difficult, but I’ve been too afraid of the surgery to have it done.

  2. How many beds does a cat need? My Lily has at least 6, not counting anywhere I am sitting…
    Good to see Mayhem is putting up with the kittens.

  3. Good luck with your surgery. My mom did it like 50 years ago and it made a world of difference for her.

    Those poor cats are so stressed. Not.

  4. Gee. I wonder who is challenging those books. I wonder what they don’t like about them. /sarcasm

    Ugh about the minimum wage job being worth risking your life attitude. Some people are so far out of touch I wonder how they manage to function at all.

    That post about vision is truly weird. I mean… I knew some of it (like the peripheral vision color thing) but most of it was new to me. So cool.

    Best of luck with the foot surgery! Scritches to the kitties.
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