The weekend in bullets

  • The kitties continue to do well after their adventure last week. They slept most of Friday – understandable, since who can sleep in a hospital?
  • Both the vet and the vet tech commented on how Chaos was a bit, erm, crabby with them. Apparently he was fine until someone tried to touch him. (I was afraid to ask if he’d drawn blood.)
  • I suspect the above has something to do with why Chaos was crusted with dried activated charcoal from his chin on down and required a thorough washcloth bath after I got him home Friday.
  • May was perfectly clean. The vet tech mentioned that May had been very scared, but that about halfway through the night, her curiosity got the better of her (we’re not surprised, are we?) and she had to sit up and keep an eye on everything.
  • Thank you all so much for your comments and commiseration!
  • As I write this on Sunday evening, I have not been paged during my on-call week. *pauses to knock on wood, since I’m on call through 9 am Monday* Update: I didn’t get called! Woot!
  • This might actually be an historic event in the history of being on call at my workplace.
  • I am slowly increasing my cycling mileage as I slog along, trying to get back into shape.
  • Sadly, this seems to be at the expense of knitting – my neck can apparently handle knitting or cycling, but not knitting and cycling.
  • Weird cycling thing I saw Friday night – a 70-year old woman biking along in cycling shorts and… a very sturdy white corset. The sort of corset that’s no frills at all and, standing on its own, could probably support a VW Bug. *blink blink*
  • I saw her twice, so I’m sure I wasn’t hallucinating.
  • Best thing about bullet posts? No transitions required!
  • Mayhem woke up and stared at the computer while I was watching it – apparently the chirrups and meows sounded realistic to her.
  • Saturday I went to my beloved Uncle Hugo’s and picked up a few paranormals that technically release on Tuesday (The Fire King (Dirk & Steele) by Marjorie M. Liu and Edge of Dawn (Light Warriors, Book 3) by Patti O’Shea).
  • I finished reading them Saturday, too. Whoops. 🙂
  • My goodness, it sure doesn’t take much for these bullet posts to get out of hand, does it?!

“Even though I’m exhausted from my ordeal, I’ve gotta keep an eye on you, Mom. You’re sneaky with those portable kitty prisons.” -Chaos

*…zzzzzzzzzz…* -Mayhem

33 thoughts on “The weekend in bullets”

  1. I’m sure it will take days for the kidz to recover. I love the term “crabby” when referred to a terrified cat. What on earth did they expect? I’m curious about the corset. I wonder if it was like the old trusses for bad backs?

  2. Do you get any sleep when you’re on call. Here’s hoping your night was uneventful. Your weekend was probably very quite with kitties sleeping all the time.

  3. The joy of the bullet post! We’ve converted another blogger…(insert wicked laugh here)

    Dumb shoulder. My left neck/shoulder has been doing something similar now for a year. The muscle relaxers and NSAIDs help in the short term. I fear for the long term. Cortisone shots have been mentioned in whispers… 😐

  4. I’m glad to hear the kitties are back home safe. You’ll have to watch your back with Chaos though, he might try to get his revenge!
    Thanks for the link to the new Simon’s Cat video. Awesome as always.

  5. Aw, poor Chaos… 🙁 Atticus does the same thing. When I went to get him at the clinic after his surgery in the spring, the vet techs needed to put on those heavy duty leather hand/arm protectors! Sheesh…

    That cat cartoon is hilarious, isn’t it? So like Gandalf, right down to getting a claw caught on something, and still trying to get at whatever is there.

  6. Chris!

    I want a picture of the senior cyclist in a corset!!! YIKES… lol More power too her. 😉

    So happy to hear the kitties are okay.

    I love your bullet posts.


  7. I’m glad the kitties aren’t suffering from any PTSD and that your on-call weekend was un-eventfull! I’ve converted my kitties to Germany time so as to not wake me up at the crack of early while Jon is gone!!

  8. I used to have a cat that was death on flies. Much better at catching them than Simon’s Cat, although not as funny.

    Your carpet looks like the aftermath of a battle. Dead bodies everywhere.

  9. I’m going to have to stop reading your blog for a bit…We put one of our cats into a “portable kitty prison” on Friday and he’s never coming back home.

    Looking at your guys makes me sad.

  10. Did you (the vet?) ever figure out how much was ingested?

    Kona says he commiserates with Chaos – that charcoal stuff is NOGOOD!

  11. Hmmm…. maybe the corset-wearing biker started out with something on over it, and got warm. Maybe that’s her everyday underwear….

  12. What the kitties seem to forget is that if they followed your rules and didn’t get up on the table, then there wouldn’t have been any ordeal–but kitty logic doesn’t appreciate cause and effect. Glad they are doing fine!

    I’ve seen people at PT who wear corsety like garments for support (men and women). Let’s hope that was why this woman was wearing the corset. Although a T-shirt over it would go a long way…

  13. I see lots of cyclists wearing skirts and big floppy hats, looking like they are heading off for tea and crumpets, but never a visible corset before. Meanwhile, I’m sweating and my nose is dripping and I’m flailing along, glaring at the tea and crumpets crowd. Sigh. Hang in there, it will come.

  14. I’m very glad the cats are okay – and I’m encourage that the Animal Poison Control seems to be more helpful than they were to me in the past ( – they would not advise me unless I “donated” $50 immediately via credit card. I call that extortion. And what if I didn’t have a credit card? It was really awful. And it was the second time I’d been there when it happened – previously it was with my friend’s dog.)

  15. Umm, dude, you do know that you aren’t supposed to try to knit and cycle at the same time, right? *grin*

    Of course, I did try knitting and cycling on a stationary bike once. I lost track of my pattern and had to rip back to the beginning. It’s what I get for trying to knit the pomotatoamopus (or whatever it’s called) on wheels.

  16. Thank you for the link to the new Simon’s Cat video! After watching it (too Rosie!), I sent it to all my cat-loving friends.

    Glad that the kitties are no worse for the wear. But they’re going to want payback sooner or later. You’ve heard of the Cat Mafia, haven’t you?

  17. I love Simon’s Cat! It’s the most hysterical thing on the internet.

    So when the vet said he was going to do a blood draw, he meant on the cat, not on himself, right? Maybe Chaos misunderstood that… 😉

  18. OMG – I don’t read your blog for a couple of days & look at the drama I missed! So very glad kitties are doing well – YIKES!

  19. I’m glad the Chaos and May are recovering from their vet adventure. And it’s even better that you weren’t paged during your on-call weekend. Yay!

    Too bad you don’t have a picture of corset woman.

    I had to giggle at the new Simon’s cat too. Katie is just like that whenever any kind of flying insect gets in the house.

  20. I’m so happy that the kitties are fine… and I can sympathize with Chaos… I wouldn’t like it to be locked up in such a place either (though I don’t know if I would bite my captors…)

    Love Simon’s cat!!!

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