Cat parenting FAIL

Let me start by saying that both kitties should be perfectly fine and that I will update this post after I pick them up from the emergency vet Friday morning (between 7 and 7:30 am CDT). Or maybe that just freaked everyone out more. Update, 8:10 am CDT: Both kitties are fine! Chaos is alternating between mad at me and grateful that I rescued him. May is a bit subdued, but is also still alert and curious (her usual mode). Apparently Chaos was, um, a handful when the vet had to touch him, with much yowling and growling and biting and scratching (perfectly normal vet visit behavior for Chaos). May was quiet and scared, but partway through the night her curiosity got the best of her and she quit hiding so she could see what was going on.

I am so glad to have them both home! It was very, very odd not having them around last night. Even though they aren’t allowed in the bedroom while I sleep, I knew they weren’t in the condo and did not sleep well.

Anyway! I got home from work Thursday and discovered a gnawed and empty medication capsule on the living room floor. And some perfectly fine and unmolested tablets on the kitchen floor. Crap. Guess who put her meds out on the table this morning to take after breakfast and apparently forgot to take them?! Guilty.

Both kitties seemed fine, so I sat down and emailed Jeanne about it. Jeanne immediately pointed me to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control website, where I discovered that the medication in question was one of the top ten sources of cat poisonings (link opens a pdf file). Eep. I called the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control hotline and upon their suggestion, took Chaos and Mayhem to the emergency vet for activated charcoal and overnight monitoring. The emergency vet thought that the kitties would’ve been showing effects already if they’d ingested more than a miniscule amount, but agreed that the activated charcoal and monitoring were wise, since it was an extended release medication.

Let’s just say that I’ll now leave my meds in their SMTWThFSa container and place that on the table in the morning instead of taking the pills out ahead of time…

“How could you take us to the vet, Mom?!! And leave us there overnight?!!” *sniff* -Mayhem

“Vengeance will be mine.” -Chaos

“I will be much, much, much more cranky than this after I get back from the vet.” -Chaos