Meme-filled linkity, plus multiple kitten photos

Reading Update

  • The Dresden Files (1-17, including many of the stories in between the full numbers) by Jim Butcher. I hadn’t read anything in the series since 2009, so I started again from the first book. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this series!
  • A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking and A Minor Mage by T Kingfisher.  Enjoyable YA fantasies about being more than you think you are and definitely more than you seem.
  • Brimstone Bound, Infernal Enchantment, Midnight Smoke (Firebrand 1-3) by Helen Harper. Fluffy paranormal series about a newly minted London Detective Constable who ends up on the infamous “Supe Squad”.
  • The Noose of a New Moon (Wolfbrand #1) by Helen Harper. This follows up on Devereau Webb, a character from Firebrand #3.

*blank* -Harry

“What do you want now, lady?!” -Polly

Harry tummy! Type = Not Forbidden!

“I know she secretly likes me!!!!!” -Harry

“Are those kittens STILL HERE?!” -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “Meme-filled linkity, plus multiple kitten photos”

  1. The kittens look amazing against the quilt!

    Is Mayhem feeling better about them?

    The Ever Given is a gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Oh, woe is I. In the 70s I was required to confine my leg stumps in frumpy trousers. I could not wear Double Knit Fancies, as they did make them with a short enough inseam. Now I would not be able to wear them because they do not make them with a short enough inseam, or an around enough waist. Such is the lament of one who has gone from stumpy and frumpy to stumpy, frumpy, lumpy, rumpy, dumpy, bumpy and grumpy.

  3. OMG. I did not know why the stuck boat was providing me with such pleasure until I read that Sarah Gailey post. (Yup, I read the tumblr you posted, and then linked through to the full article. So good.)

    Also? Woah. The classic Enterprise is REALLY SMALL.

    Cute kitties! That blanket really is just amazing. Black cats look so striking with it as a background.
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