The linkity in which Mayhem went to Mars

Reading Update
Hidden (Alex Verus, #5)Hidden, Veiled (Alex Verus, #6)Veiled, Burned (Alex Verus, #7)Burned (Alex Verus 5-7) by Benedict Jacka. Good continuation of this urban fantasy series about a London mage specializing in divination, although you’d think his specialty was finding trouble! Taking a little break – things got too ominous for me.
A Ferry of Bones & Gold (Soulbound, #1)A Ferry of Bones and Gold (Soulbound 1) by Hailey Turner. Ok paranormal romance about a sort of burned out former military mage who now works for a government bureau that deals with supernatural crimes.
Bad Moon on the Rise (Six-Gun Shifters #1)Bad Moon on the Rise (Six-Gun Shifters 1) by Annie Bellet. This is the pretty good beginning of a series spun off from a minor character (a tiger shifter) in the Twenty-Sided Sorceress series.

“Mom, there is SOMETHING going on in the kitty room! I have concerns!!!! Why am I locked out of the kitty room??!??!!” -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “The linkity in which Mayhem went to Mars”

  1. I’m not sure where is stands on the legal side of things, but for ethical reasons I thought you might like to know that the link “Tips for choosing knitting patterns“. that you posted is showing a photo of a page from The Yarn Harlot’s (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) book “At Knit’s End”, with no credit given.
    Not your post, I know. But I couldn’t figure out how to leave a note there to let the poster know, and thought that you at least might like to give the proper credit to the author. 🙂

  2. I hope Mayhem will be happy with her new roomies!
    (And Larry and I are on Mars, so glad we’ll have Mayhem to keep us company there!)

  3. I wouldn’t want to knit either a sweater for a lobster or those Wizard of Oz socks. Wow. A couple of someones had too much time on their hands.

    BOOM indeed.

    Oops. I appear to have ordered only one box of Samoas. I am a LOTR Girl Scout Cookie failure.

    I hope Mayhem made it homes safely from Mars! (Oh. I see from the ending photo that she did indeed make it home safely from Mars.) 😉
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