Pajamas and contests and cats, oh my!

Mark Super International Pajama Day on your calendar – it’s Super Bowl Sunday (February 4). All you need to do is stay in your pajamas all day and relax. Ahhh….

Debra is having a National Delurking Week comment contest. Leave her a comment by midnight, January 16, and you could win some sock yarn, stitch markers, and chocolate.

Anne is celebrating her one-year blogiversary at the beginning of February. Send her an email by midnight, February 2, and you could win one of many lovely fibery prizes.

Lucia is having a contest in which you submit a picture of yourself knitting socks in public. The contest is open until the end of January and you could win some mysterious sock yarn. For every entry received, Lucia will donate $1.00 to MSF.

I got home Friday from an absolutely hellish week at work (I can’t remember the last time I worked five days in a row) to discover a wonderful package from Tink! (Let me just straighten things out for the knitters – even though her tagline is “I Tink, therefore I am,” she’s not a knitter; it’s short for Tinkerbell.)

Tink sent me a lovely black cat travel mug. She also sent an extremely appropriate bowl for Chaos and Mayhem, along with some sparkly mice and a bottle of catnip-flavored bubble blowing stuff.

“Is she mocking my tail with this??!! And who’s she calling pampered, anyway?!” -C
*sniff sniff sniff* -M

“Oh, this reminds me that I haven’t seen my beloved SRM for many, many months…” -C
*sniff sniff sniff* -M

Um, please ignore that tail sticking out of the litterbox on the right side of the following picture. I just noticed that… Whoops!

“This mouse is pretty cool! It jingles and sparkles and is easy to carry by its tail!!” -M
“Hey!!! Give a guy some privacy back here!!!!” -C

I’m particularly fond of the travel mug because it’s quite similar to my favorite coffee mug.

“Dum de dum de dum de dum…” -C

Ok, this may be a better comparison shot:

“I’m still not convinced that my tail isn’t being mocked…” -C

48 thoughts on “Pajamas and contests and cats, oh my!”

  1. That is quite a match there with the cups 😉 May and Chaos are enjoying your package too. May – don’t pick on Chaos about his tail, or he’ll chew your whiskers again!

  2. But…but…Super Bowl Sunday is the big, huge, ginormous Super Bowl Sunday annual sale at Coldwater…can you go in your pajamas?

  3. The dual cat duo mugs are great! And where did Tink find catnip flavored bubbles?? I’ll have to visit her and ask. PJ day? mine are in such disrepair or so not fit for hanging out in all day, and the ones off the rack are never long enough, that I may have to do like dana and make me some.

  4. Oh crap! I thought pajama day was yesterday…or was it saturday? or Sunday last week? Lol…this should be an deasy one for me! All weekends=pajama days if I can help it!

  5. If only I could stay in my pyjamas on Sundays ever .. but alas, I am one of the unfortunate working stiffs that has to work on Sunday, without reprieve.

  6. Poor Chaos, with his stubby tail and lack of privacy! Tell him that Harley is tail-length-challenged, too. (And she can’t use the covered litter box because she’s too, um, rotund to go through the door — or at least she thinks she is!)

  7. First off… I love the idea of a pajama day (even though I try to do that almost every sunday). second… I need a mug like that! Where can I find one?

  8. Oh that mug is perfect for you.

    And in the earlier post, May definitely did look like a superhero in that one bib picture.

    And the gas prices! I know, I was excited last weekend when we were in Colubmia Mo and it was 1.99, but it hasn’t gotten lower the 2.09 here in my little town in Illinois although in St. Louis, I hear it’s 1.99. Sad I’m so up to date on gas prices across the bi-state area.

  9. Wait, you mean every Sunday isn’t pajama day? That’s a great package of stuff. Catnip flavored bubbles, I never knew. Poor Chaos can’t get a bit of privacy.

  10. I just want to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and it’s really a lot of fun! You do such a great job putting out the latest about what’s going on in knitopia! So I thought I would de-lurk and let you know I love your blog! Love those cute black kitties, too! Of course, I’m partial, as I have a black kitty as well…Thanks for all the fun! 🙂

  11. Those coffee mugs are adorable! And they match. Each other and the cats! Purrfect.

    Pajama Day! I love Pajama Day. Except that usually the fabric & knitting stores have great sales.

  12. Chris- I love it- we have national pajama day every day- my son wears them under his school uniform.
    I guess the award has to go to you for the best collection of black cat stuff.
    Noogies to Chaos and Mayhem.

  13. Jammies on Super Bowl Sunday! Hooray!

    This week is a fiver for me; I’ve been complaining to anyone who’ll listen (and can’t fire me) that working on MLK Day is simply uncivilized.

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