Tales of Chaotic naughtiness

Rebekah is asking for people to knit toys and blankets for cats and dogs in the shelters in her area. It’s the chance to do some community knitting and possibly win prizes – I know that Amy Boogie and Wendy/Lucy have contributed prizes for those who donate items (they say Wendy wrote that book, but Chaos insists Lucy was the mastermind behind it all), among others. For cats, Wendy has a great catnip mouse pattern available. For dogs, I’ve made this tug toy and found it held up very well.

Meet the newest member of our family… I was helpless to do anything other than purchase him after I saw those eyes (which are more green than they appear in the picture).

Any name suggestions?

When I got home last night, this is what I found on my kitchen table. Formerly, it was a sealed five-pack of onesies that I’m planning to use for a craft project.

Hmm, only four… Where could the other one be? Oh, there it is on the floor.

Maybe Chaos was afraid I was going to make him wear the onesies?! After all, Jeanne’s Bugsy did have to wear one for a while (to keep him from scratching an injury). And Margene’s dog Moxie is wearing a t-shirt right now. This might have been a preemptive strike.

In the interest of further naughtiness disclosure, here’s the perp with Exhibit A, my formerly favorite mug that he knocked into the sink and broke last week.

“Must be careful – that looks sharp!”

So I picked up a new mug yesterday…

“What are you up to, Mom?! Should I be worried?!”

49 thoughts on “Tales of Chaotic naughtiness”

  1. That kitty of yours is really a handful, eh? Good thing he’s so darn cute. =)

    And I think the new one should be named C2.

    LOVE the new mug, too.

  2. Bad Chaos! Carmie CANNOT leave a vase of flowers or glass of water alone! I have to put the flowers in the garage over night, and make sure the kids haven’t left any half-filled water glasses lying around before I go to bed or I’ll wake up to a mess.

  3. Oh, Chaos has been busy. He must have wanted you to replace that timber wolf mug with a cat mug. Cute mug and Little Chaos Cat.

  4. Man, Chaos, you ARE getting into trouble! Though “mom” did buy a nice mug to replace the one you broke. You could name the stuffie “Soahc,” which is Chaos backward. Or “Imp.” It’s something about those big eyes and that triangular head.
    I’ve been making some of Wendy’s catnip mice for Faith’s cats, who will be here soon. I am SO going to spoil them!

  5. Oh my goodness! It just occurred to me… I *really* need to send you something! Can you send me your mailing address? Pretty please? 😀 (You can e-mail me at christine @ my domain.)

  6. I love that mug! It’s Chaos and his new friends/nemesis. It’s a good thing he’s around to keep reassuring you that gravity works. 😉

  7. Ohhh, Chaos is on a roll! I think he’s been wanting to break that mug for a while; it’s the wolf on it.

    How about “Maelstrom” for the newest member?

  8. I’m starting to think that Chaos is wondering when you’re going to stuff HIM! How about Loki for the name of the new stuffed kitty?

  9. Names? I was going to suggest Diablo for the devilish look in his eyes, but I know that name has been used already … so maybe Mephisto (short for Mephistopheles) or Beelzebub? Or Lucifer. Or, if you want to keep the Chaos theme, how about Mayhem or Maelstrom or Havoc?

  10. Maybe you could name the stuffed cat Order. Since he looks like Chaos it could be a good twin/bad twin thing. I think we know who the bad twin is…. 🙂

  11. OH thank you so much for mentioning my cause, I really appreciate. I hope we can do some nice things for the cats and dogs.

    I would have never thought about having an animal wear a onsie to protect an injury or sore, that’s actually a really good idea, I guess hole has to be cut though for the tail.

    Thanks again! Oh and I love the new mug, very cute.

  12. Pretty cup! It really goes well with Chaos’ doppleganger! I like the ‘Loki’ suggestion from mouse!

    Chaos – really you were famous enough before your spree of destruction! Is this an attempt to get more tuna sent your way? Poor cup, cute cat(s). I’m going to go check out that toy thing!

  13. Chaos!! Momma told me you’d been bad…How about “Stinker” for the little one? I LOVE that mug! Too cute and JUST the best replacement for the broken one….you needed a good excuse so you could get it and not feel guilty…so in a perverse sort of way, Chaos is a GOOD boy!

  14. I think I’d call the new addition ET—it looks rather alien to me.

    Sorry about the mug…I know what it’s like to lose your favorite. I’ve been known to glue them back together and use them anyway, if only for a pencil/needle holder. The replacement seems appropriate though.

  15. Oooo… EEEeeeeevil kitty….

    The dogs at my house have taken over the overturning of items and tearing up of trash. The cats are rather put out that someone is stilling their gig.

  16. That is a cute mug; I love it! I think you should name the new kitty Confusion (then it can be Chaos & Confusion). Tee hee!

  17. Oh. As you may have noticed, I knit that dog toy up for Finbar. It’s the only knitting I ever did for him and we did have fun playing tug of war with it.

  18. OK – am I the only one curious enough to ask what you were going to do with the onsies? Straight jackets for cats are probably against the law you know.

  19. He’s thinking – aha! A new challenge! I can push the hard thing off the table, and if I chew long enough, its adios to this paltry facsmile of the glorious chaos!!

    Perhaps he’s sacrificing objects to the gods for the return of SRM?

  20. I like Havoc and Mayhem for C2. Boy, that’s really a doppelganger for him, isn’t it? Wow. Did he model for it?

    Bad Chaos! What a cool mug. But the replacement is……strikingly thematic.

  21. It’s always interesting to see what we come home to with a black cat in the house!
    And he definately looks suspicious about that new “guest”

  22. Hmm, I don’t know, but “Scary Cat” comes to mind, though. I also think I have a rubber stamp just like the image on your new mug.

  23. Oh my god, there must be something in the air. Petey did some really bad naughty things last night right in front of me. I was astonished.

    The pictures are awesome. Thanks for making me smile.

  24. I can understand Chaos getting rid of the mug. How you a mug without a cat on it be your favorite?

  25. Catching up with blogs — Simon doesn’t tear into bags, but he cannot NOT things off counters, end tables, etc. Every morning at 5:00 he wakes me up for (his) breakfast by knocking stuff off my bedside table – even the clock radio, which ways about as much as he does and has sticky rubber feet. And leave a glass or cup out, and he has to try to get a drink – even if it’s something he doesn’t like!

  26. I like the Mini C name for the new addition, and the new cup is cute!

    Cleo too has an affinity to shredding plastic bags. What is it with cats?


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