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Reading Update
Color Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Exercises for Exploring Color Concepts through Paint, Collage, Paper, and MoreColor Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Exercises Exploring Color Concepts through Paint, Collage, Paper, and More by Deborah Forman. Lots of interesting exercises in this, some of which I’ll actually even try at some point. But with just two pages devoted to each exercise, many of the more complicated ones felt incomplete.
stART Journaling: An Art Journaling WorkbookstART Journaling: An Art Journaling Workbook by Kristy Conlin (ed). This is just excerpts from some of North Light’s other books about art journaling plus lots of blank pages to journal on.

“You. Are. Too. Close. Mom. What if you sneeze on me??!” -Chaos

3 thoughts on “Linkity braces for the start of DST”

  1. I can’t even with people and the COVID-19 scare. People are, generally speaking, REALLY DUMB.

    I love the Discworld + anger link. I never really thought about it like that (maybe because I’m not reading the books in order, and so the change didn’t jump out at me?) but it feels really, really accurate.

    I saw the email from Tor about the free ebook. Now I’ll just need to remember to go download it. (Though I’m sure they’ll send another reminder.)
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