Hot mess o’ linkity

Erm, yes, I perhaps dawdled away most of my linkity time, so this is going to be a hot mess. 😀

Reading Update
The Case of the Felonious Friend (Asperger’s Mystery #3) by EJ Copperman & Jeff Cohen. Pretty good addition to the series – although, as with most amateur sleuth mysteries I read, the interaction of said sleuth and the police seem extremely improbable to me.
The Case of the Absentee Father (Asperger’s Mystery #4) by EJ Copperman & Jeff Cohen. This one didn’t quite gel for me. And speaking of improbably interactions between amateur sleuth and police… I just can’t picture the police of Los Angeles reacting as they did in this book.

“If only Mom didn’t starve me so, I could be eating right now…” -Chaos

9 thoughts on “Hot mess o’ linkity”

  1. I was a child when the island of Surtsey was formed off Iceland. I remember watching reports of it on the TV, black & white in those days. The media at the time was really excited about it which is probably why it has stuck in my mind.

  2. I love the book warning! And the Harry Potter predictive text story. Wow.

    The sleuth-police interaction is usually the worst part of a mystery novel. Alas.

    Poor Chaos! Feed the kitteh already! (That note was from Suzy. She sympathizes 100%.)
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  3. A friend sent me a link to that Harry Potter story but without any backstory. My response to her was “That’s weird.” Now I understand so much more.
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  4. ok, Minnesotan, ‘sota pizza-style a real thing, yes or no?
    What do your think “passive aggressive” pizza sauce is?
    let us go and try this next time I visit.

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