Now with even more stealth!

“Hee hee! Mom’s black leather coat provides the perfect hiding spot! No one’s going to notice me here.” -Chaos

“I am Stealth Chaos! I rule!!” -Chaos

“Hey, wait a minute – what are you all looking at?! You can’t see me! I’m hiding!!” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Now with even more stealth!”

  1. “Full-length Trinity style leather coat?”, trek asks innocently?

    Bet it goes really well with all number of black leather Keens.

  2. My kitty-cat used to hide under the bed with her fluffy tail sticking out. “Where is the cat?” we would ask, amd the tail would move.

  3. resurfacing from a couple weeks of work ‘hell’, I love those cute little kitty tummies… and donccha just love it when they think they are invisible behind an object like your coat??
    that’s usually when I pretend I cna’t see them (just to save their dignity)

  4. Ah, looking at your cats makes my day. Ya’ know, to this day, there are times when I still can’t find Felix. I could be inside my closet calling him, and he’ll be in the corner, so black, with his eyes closed, knowing I can’t see him. But I can hear him laughing at me!

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