In which I reveal how to pronounce “quinoa”

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This was my favorite April Fools Link from yesterday: Fiction World Rocked as Woman Claims No Sexual Attraction to Neil Gaiman.

Yes, reduced to posting recipes again. 😉

These cookies were originally made with oatmeal – I know you can get oatmeal now that’s certified gluten-free, but my body isn’t so happy with the stuff I’ve tried so far. Besides, quinoa (KEEN-wah) has more protein and is more fun to say than oatmeal!

Unbaked Chocolate Quinoa Cookies
2 cups sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/2 cup milk (I haven’t tried it with soymilk yet)
1/2 cup butter
3 1/2 cups quinoa flakes
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter

Combine sugar, cocoa, milk, and butter in a saucepan. Melt over medium heat, then boil for 1 minute. (Keep stirring!)

Remove from heat. Add quinoa, vanilla, and peanut butter and mix well.

Drop by spoonfuls on waxed paper and let cool.

“Go away. I’m sulking. You’d think Mayhem was the only one with a cute tummy or something. Hmph.” -Chaos

33 thoughts on “In which I reveal how to pronounce “quinoa””

  1. Hey what are you doing announcing the Mean Girls Club to the entire world?! I’ve been trying to keep it hush hush so that I get a spot 😉

    Aww Chsos, you don’t have to sulk; you’re tummy is cute too!

  2. thanks for the cookie recipe – I’ve been wanting something nice to make with the bag of quinoa that I bought [ although I did know how to pronounce it already ]
    cookies sound like much more fun than just adding it to soups and stews which seems to be the standard advice.

  3. You don’t want to know what mom’s been saying behind your back about your tummy, Big Kitty.

    PS – I’d’ve pronouced it kwin-oh-ah

  4. How could anyone resist Neil Gaiman, with his flowing mullet-like hair? Seriously not my type, for real.

    Quinoa is truly a superfood! I hadn’t thought of using it in sweet treats before.

  5. Chris- I love quinoa. I ordered a DVD from David Lynch, “Inland Empire” and there was a short in there about him cooking quinoa- it was better than the movie.

  6. I just started experimenting with quinoa! It cooks up really well in our rice cooker on the same setting as white rice. Great mixed in with grilled or sauteed veggies.

    Oh, Chaos, we all love your tummy too! We’re just afraid that you might not like having your tummy scritched.

  7. Since Syd and I are so close, you should drive over and see us. She knits in the booth, so you two could knit and talk since the ferrets are WITH US and will be at the show.

  8. I love the Neil Gaiman story. He even mentioned it in his blog yesterday.

    A friend of my older son has been in Korea (land of his birth, he was adopted here as a baby) for 2 years teaching English. He sent a long email yesterday to everyone in his address book saying that he has decided to stay in Korea indefinitely, has found his birth family, has become very close with his birth brother and sister, and sees many adventures ahead for himself there. It was plausible because he had already extended his stay there for a year, plus he wrote it extremely well (and seriously). Apparently far too well — he sent out another email today to everyone to explain that it was a prank and to apologize to his American relatives who were suffering extreme hurt feelings and pain of rejection from the first letter. I was completely taken in, although several of his friends apparently figured it out.

  9. Mmm, cookies. I’ve been looking for more chocolate and sweets lately (I think it has to do with lack of sleep), so if I can find quinoa flakes (I have also only seen the whole grains) I’ll have to try this out.

  10. LOL–Love the Neil Gaiman story!
    Never heard of quinoa flakes. Oh, the possibilities.

  11. Great – now I really “have to” buy that Sister Wives yarn. Thanks for the link ;( Yep, I truthfully have to disagree about Neil Gaiman – however, he does look somewhat like what’s his name from Depeche Mode in that picture.

  12. I was laughing at your oatmeal comment. Teen and I were in Northfield at Carleton yesterday and they informed us that the campus smells like cookies every day! (I thought it smelled like Cheerio’s.) Northfield is the home of Malt-o-meal!

  13. I’ve been wondering what to do with quinoa. I made a dish with pumpkin seeds, but like my rice, it burnt. I don’t want to buy a rice cooker and I can’t find a pan/pot that retains all of teh moisture so as not to burn things.

    Sorry you can’t do oatmeal. Quinoa is a wonder food, though.

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