Title, title, who’s got a linkity title?

Congrats to Zunni, who won Nothing Serious by Jessica Jarman!




Do, Make, Learn, Think


Gluten Free

Artsy Crafty


Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Elemental Journal: Composing Artful Expressions from Items Cast Aside by Tammy Kushnir. Didn’t make it very far in this one. While I’m intrigued by making journals (and have made a couple of duct tape journals), I’m not interested in making a journal covered in bark.

*randomly judging* -Mayhem

*side-eyeing* -Chaos

10 thoughts on “Title, title, who’s got a linkity title?”

  1. Big fan of adult (no not that kind of “adult”) colouring in books…. perfect for the totally non artistic types like me. There are a few of us that post our colouring in on Twitter under the hashtag #rainbowcrusaders

    Have a good weekend Chris & co

  2. “I understand why North Americans hate soccer after watching this.” Huh?

    I’m not sure what the little jingle is in the Japanese machine video, but I now have a very strong urge to go to El Cerrito for a Taco.

  3. LOLed at cover snark, particularly the penis-in-ear = sound-of-the-ocean. Also, I read your art journal page as “If all else fails paint over it with geese.” (I’m pretty sure that works as well as gesso.)
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  4. Cats are funny I have 4 kittens because my husband let out a cat I rescued. So now I have 6 cats. Their favorite time to play chase is midnight. ANd it’s nothing to see one of them licking the ears and head of another one

  5. I’ve never been so proud to be a Scrabble player. And I’ve taken note of Phiz, Quiff, and Mezquit. Just what were you doing to get judgement and side-eye from the kitties?

  6. The thing about American recipes is pretty much how I feel about reading British recipes. Though I do like having ingredients listed by weight, instead of 1 “large” or “medium” something.

    Looks like I have a lot of short films to go watch now.
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