Open Streets Minneapolis 2015: Lyndale Avenue

Congrats to laurie, who won Enforcing Emory by Mickie B Ashling!

Congrats to Luci, who won Love Found on Lindisfarne by JL Merrow! Love Found on Lindisfarne was released June 7 by JMS Books.

No Misadventure today! Instead, some pictures from my neighborhood. On Sunday, I went to Open Streets on Lyndale Avenue. It’s very cool – for six hours, they closed Lyndale to cars from 22nd Street down to 42nd Street. People were walking, biking, and skateboarding down Lyndale without worrying about getting hit by a car. The first picture is from just as things were getting started – there weren’t a lot of people out and about yet. (Looking north up Lyndale from between 25th and 26th Streets.)

This was a couple of hours later, looking north up Lyndale at 33rd. I picked a quiet spot because stopping and taking a picture in one of the busy areas (with booths, food trucks, yoga in the street, etc) was likely to get me run down by a cyclist. 🙂

Yes. Yes, it does.

The historic Lyndale Theater is now a brew pub with a rooftop deck.

I love the giant stainless steel bull’s head over the door at Bull Run Coffee at 34th and Lyndale.

*glaring* -Mayhem

*smug* -Chaos

4 thoughts on “Open Streets Minneapolis 2015: Lyndale Avenue”

  1. Your town sounds like it knows how to create perfect spots to have a great Sunday afternoon. Wish they did something like that around here.

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