Cottons and critters

The lovely Frarochvia surprised me with a thank you gift for the housewarming gift I sent her! Apparently she’s noticed I’m knitting bibs – four lovely balls of Sugar’n’Cream (lovely purples in those), a rainbow ball of Peaches & Creme (which I’ve never seen before), and some Bernat Cotton Tot in Project Spectrum purple! Not that my camera likes to photograph purple – so poor Marina can pretend it’s blue. πŸ˜‰

Those tasty gluten-free cookies will be joining me this weekend as I journey “up nord to da cabin.” (Yes, yes, poor Chaos will be left in the care of my trusty cat-sitting neighbor. Hopefully he doesn’t rip open all my tampons in revenge this time.)

Frarochvia also sent a great cat stamp to aid in my onesie projects. Thank you so much!!

Of course, Chaos had to check things out (the object on the left wrapped in kitten paper is the box of cookies).

“Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I knit a very basic critter comforter for Basil and Abner’s Critter Charity Drive – double-stranded Encore Worsted on size 13 needles. It was a very fast knit and produced a nice squooshy comforter. I set the comforter down to photograph it and…

“It’s for me, right? You better be saying yes.”

“What do you mean, it’s for homeless kitties who live in cold steel cages?! What sort of barbarism is that?!”

“Ok, ok, since it’s for a good cause. Let me help you fold it up.”

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be back late Monday.

36 thoughts on “Cottons and critters”

  1. Yup, it’s blue πŸ˜‰

    I would put away those balls of Sugar’n’Cream and Peaches & Creme or you might not be able to find them when you return! Or worst, they’ll be chewed through.

  2. You are so not kidding! Wow, that poor bernat cottontot doesn’t even remotely look like the lovely midtoned purple it is! Bad camera! No biscuit!

    Oops, I inadvertedly caused poor Chaos distress, didn’t I?

  3. Enjoy your weekend. Maybe Chaos will relax and enjoy his (“I never thougt she’d leave. Ahhh, a few days with no bibs. She better not be knitting any while she’s away!”)

  4. Maybe I can comment from another computer! πŸ™‚ The package was really nifty, and it is nice that you knitted a comforter for the shelter cats. If Chaos likes it that much it is sure to be a hit with them!

  5. I guess you’re not done with the bib knitting yet, huh? Have a great time up north – looks like this will be a good weekend to be up there.

  6. It’s funny how animals really do enact their “revenge” on their owners.

    My Mom’s sheepdog was clearly angry at her when I had to dog sit him for a couple of weeks & she went out of town. He was perfectly well behaved until one day when I went into her bedroom to answer a phone call, having just come back from walking the dog. It was my Mom on the phone. Somehow, the dog knew this and decided that now was the time to let loose all that abandonment rage he’d apparently been storing up. He busted through a set of shut and latched double doors to get into the room and took a huge pee on the carpet right next to her bed. There was much swearing. I hung up (all the while my Mom yelling at me that I probably hadn’t let the dog out enough – ie. this was all my fault), cleaned the pee up, let the dog outside (where of course he did nothing) came back in, shut and locked the double doors and called my Mom back. Within 30 seconds the dog busted the doors in for a repeat performance.

    Don’t tell me that dog wasn’t “pissed” at my Mom!!!

  7. Have a good weekend! It seems most of my local craft shops have stopped carrying Sugar n’ Cream in the cool colors you’ve got there. No idea what happened.

  8. My dog got into the pantry and ate all the Snickers Easter Eggs when we were gone. He was fine for the dog sitter and waited until DH was home to poop ALL OVER the entire house. Ah pets. Have fun in da great white nort. Chaos is probably sitting home watching TV.

  9. LOVE those colors of Sugar n Cream. When you’re finished with bibs, keep using the cotton yarn and make facecloths for Cloths for Crisis, okay??
    (button on my blog…)
    Have a great weekend, and don’t worry Chaos, Momma will be home shortly and…oh never mind, you won’t believe me anyway – The Meezer never does…

  10. Great colours of cotton yarn – and a very timely gift for all your bib-knitting! Chaos is a good guy helping out with the testing of your critter comforter. Yup, Comfy. :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. OH sweet Chaos! You look very content on that blanket, and don’t worry I’ll try and make sure a kitty that looks like you gets to have it!

  12. How sweet of Chaos, he has such a good heart.

    That rainbow Peaches & Creme and some beige & light blue balls were all that was left when I finally managed to find some.

  13. Is it wrong of me to giggle when I think of Chaos ripping open tampons? I can’t resist – it is too funny!

    Hope you have a great weekend up nord at the cabin!

  14. Have a great weekend! I’m glad the cage cozy has the Chaos seal of approval. Chaos, you be a good kitty while Chris is gone. Well, try anyway.

  15. Chaos is so adorable. And I love knitting with Sugar & Cream .. it’s what I’m doing now. But I need to get the Mason Dixon book to get that pattern for the bibs. Another thing to add to my friend’s baby-warming package! Bibs!

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