Back but blech

Not blech regarding the weekend, which was very fun, but blech is how I’m feeling today. Plus Blogger is being difficult and not letting me add more pictures, so this is going to be a bit random and not at all about the actual weekend.

A last April PS image – the giant orange moose at the Black River Crossing exit from I-94 in Wisconsin.

And a giant whitetail deer from the same exit.

Chaos was pretty upset with me. He got into a cabinet and proceeded to strew tampons everywhere – apparently ob tampons are great cat toys. Who knew? I’m told he also managed to lock himself into the bedroom one day by knocking over some things that were behind the door. And he somehow got hold of my skein of Vesper, which is looking a little gnawed now. When I got my overnight bag unpacked, Chaos camped out.

“If I lie on it, you can’t leave again.”

But he did finally settle down after a few hours.

“All this mayhem has left me mussed.”

Over the weekend, I started my May Project Spectrum socks, from Sundara Black Lagoon, using a lace pattern that Maeve posted.

Hopefully both Blogger and I will feel better by tomorrow morning, so I can post more about the weekend!