Back but blech

Not blech regarding the weekend, which was very fun, but blech is how I’m feeling today. Plus Blogger is being difficult and not letting me add more pictures, so this is going to be a bit random and not at all about the actual weekend.

A last April PS image – the giant orange moose at the Black River Crossing exit from I-94 in Wisconsin.

And a giant whitetail deer from the same exit.

Chaos was pretty upset with me. He got into a cabinet and proceeded to strew tampons everywhere – apparently ob tampons are great cat toys. Who knew? I’m told he also managed to lock himself into the bedroom one day by knocking over some things that were behind the door. And he somehow got hold of my skein of Vesper, which is looking a little gnawed now. When I got my overnight bag unpacked, Chaos camped out.

“If I lie on it, you can’t leave again.”

But he did finally settle down after a few hours.

“All this mayhem has left me mussed.”

Over the weekend, I started my May Project Spectrum socks, from Sundara Black Lagoon, using a lace pattern that Maeve posted.

Hopefully both Blogger and I will feel better by tomorrow morning, so I can post more about the weekend!

46 thoughts on “Back but blech”

  1. Welcome Back Chaos Kitty… euh… Chris I mean hahahaha. I’m sorry the kitty was sooo naughty 🙂 And sorry you’re feeling bleuch.

    Cheers Eva

  2. It’s kinda nice to know that there’s someone out there for whom tampons = fun. 🙂 The May socks looks gorgeous. I bet they feel wonderful.

    Hope you feel better, and I’m glad the weekend was fun.

  3. chaos looks so peeeeeved… heh…

    chaos buddy, u’re not channelling napoleon are you? he can’t keep himself OUT of the cupboards!

    or the fridge…
    or the shower…

    yay you’re back!
    glad you had a good weekend

  4. Well, he really lets you know how he’s feeling huh! Sorry about the yarn. He really does know how to hit you where it hurts!! 😉

  5. Wow – those are some awesome roadside oddities. I adore them. Only in America folks!

    Don’t tell me animals don’t have emotions. Chaos vented on that Vesper yarn for a reason. If he was just out for a chew he could have picked some Lion Brand couldn’t he? 🙂

  6. I had blogger issues yesterday as well, they seemed to straighten themselves out by evening, when I finally got to add my photo’s (such as they were). I’m glad you had a good trip and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

    At least it was fresh tampons and not the trash!

  7. poor chaos – clearly kitty abuse. But at least you didn’t bring a big white slobbery dog over!

    And I love the socks. Makes me want to stop studying the federal rules of evidence and go start a new pair!

  8. Whoa, dude! I recognized that humungous orange moose right away, having driven I-94 between Minneapolis and Madison/Chicago/points south many times. I’ve even stayed at that motel.

    Love the green yarn for those socks!

  9. If cats are drawn to tampons, kids are drawn to the other alternative. When my kids were younger I heard them squealing, “Squares!!!” in the bathroom one quiet afternoon. Seems they thought Always made great confetti to toss into the air. 🙂

  10. Love that orange moose! I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and I’m annoyed at blogger too, at the moment.
    Poor, neglected Chaos! 🙂 You’re kinda lucky though, my dog Taffy used to fish “used” sanitary pads out of the trash and chew on them! Ewww!

  11. Guess Chaos doesn’t have the usual male aversion to tampons – maybe you can send him to the store when you run out:) Nice start on the socks.

    knitting in the big city

  12. Hope you feel better soon. The upside to feeling bad at home is you get to knit more! I know you must have had a good time and you will tell us about it later, RIGHT?

  13. I would say that you got off lightly. If we kept Jasper in for the weekend there would be mass destruction. He already knows how to force the bathroom window open….

  14. *boggles at moose*

    Right, then.

    Poor Chaos…so unloved. *snerk* Reminds me of my kitties…apparently when we go away, all they do is whine.

  15. Welcome back! Chaos definitely lived up to his name over the weekend.

    I really like the color of that sock yarn. Looking forward to seeing how the socks turn out.

  16. Welcome back!

    When Dave and I were on our honeymoon, one of the cats got up onto the mantelpiece and systematically pushed every single item off it onto the wooden floor. Sigh.

  17. Sorry your feeling Blech! Here’s a big hug to cheer you up *squuuuuuuueeze*
    Chaos was naughty naughty huh! Poor thing, he was left all alone with nothing to do 🙁
    Here’s to a better tomorrow!

  18. All I’m going to say is that what Chaos did to the OB is a LOT better than what my dog did. And Chaos, come over to my place – I have cat pictures! (none of them are as cute as you, though.)

  19. Poor Chaos. He does look a bit like he’s not letting you out of the house for some time.

    The socks are off to a good start. I really need to knit up some lacy ones for the summer.

  20. forgot to comment on the MOOSE!! He’d look great in my front yard 🙂
    And I love the pattern you’ve chosen for your socks!

  21. Pretty green socks! I’ve been through that crossing (with the moose) on all the trips from TN to MN, and the orange ones never fail to draw your eye away from the road! ACK!

    Bad Chaos! He was just proving that the world falls apart when you aren’t home ;o) On purpose.. deliberately…. oh wait, wasn’t supposed to say those parts out loud!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. I know that look well. you better be giving Chaos some big kitty lovin! that orange moose …excellent! I’m feeling better today. Hope your starting to feel better. love the yarn!

  23. his nose is that out of joint b/c you left for a weekend? i leave my babies home for 5 days sometimes… i’d hate to see his attitude if you tried that!
    sock looks gorgeous. love that colorway…. so well named.

  24. O-H you R-O-C-K in the USA!

    I adore Giant Statuary – especially from Wisconsin!

    I go out of my way to drive by the ginourmous Paul Bunyan that has been recycled as a autoshop gnome on Grand Ave in Chicago…

  25. A few years ago on a quick trip to Arizona, I found Kally’s favorite cat toy packed in my bag. I guess she thought she was coming along. Last year while on vacation, the cat-sitter called to let us know that Kally hissed at him every time he tried to move. She wanted company and was comfortably loafed on his lap.
    I’m glad to hear you had a nice trip.

  26. Don’t you just love pets who act out? I am so familiar with the sulking, I’m not talking to you behavior…………..way to go Chaos!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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