Project Spectrum craftiness (with even less knitting than ever!)

The Craft Modster posted a very inspiring entry about t-shirt stenciling a few days ago and got me all excited to try stenciling some onesies for my friends’ baby. (You remember the fate of the onesies, right?) I definitely need to try something else for the lettering, but I’m pretty pleased with my first effort, made with emerald green Jacquard fabric paint. The owl is a stamp that my dad sells (it’s on the Rango Zoo 3 sheet).

I also tie-dyed several onesies, since the parents are tie-dye fanatics. I used dark green Rit dye. The onesie on the left (slightly obscured in this picture) had rubber bands around it in three places. The onesie on the right (also slightly obscured in this picture) was simply tied in a big knot. I like the big knot effect much better!

“If I sit on them, she won’t be tempted to put them on me, right?”

“Oh, well that sort of ‘putting on’ isn’t so bad, I guess.”

“Duuuuuuuude, I could sure use a hit of catnip and some tuna. Must be the tie dyes.”