In which I read more books and knit more bibs

SRP update:

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich, 310 pages. I like a mystery series that makes it easy to tell what book is next. Number twelve in the wacky Stephanie Plum series is Ranger, Ranger, Ranger, which to me equals hot, hot, hot. *fans self*
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher, 396 pages. Book 7 of the Dresden Files. Both suspenseful and funny – I was laughing out loud at times. As always, many plots twists and turns. If you like well-written fantasy novels, I can’t recommend this series enough.

Monkeemaven is having a contest to celebrate her second blogiversary. Here is my entry for the A category (share a favorite path) – this is another photo of the amazing bridge between Loring Park and the Sculpture garden. I love walking on this bridge. It has spectacular views of downtown and I never tire of reading the John Ashberry poem that graces the bridge.

Chaos is much calmer this morning than he was last night – some idiots in my neighborhood were setting off fireworks (big stuff, not just sparklers and firecrackers) in the street in front of my building until nearly midnight. Plus this morning I had to move all the furniture away from the windows and take down all the blinds, since I’m getting new windows installed! Great for me, but nerve-wracking for the jumpy Cat Chaotic… and the window installers haven’t even arrived yet.

In knitting news, I finished two more bibs… The first was in Sugar’n’Cream “countryside ombre” – a bad name for a lovely variegated sage green and purple yarn. It would be more Project Spectrumish if I had been able to get an accurate picture of the color!

I think my model’s goodwill on the bib thing might be exhausted. I’m sure no one is surprised!

“No!!! Not another bib!! Run away!!”

“Hmph. That didn’t work so well, did it?”

“Well, I did get one leg free. Maybe if I keep running away from it…”

I took it off him at that point. Sorry, Chaos! The extra kitty treats seemed to go a long way toward earning his forgiveness. Plus, when I finished this belated June Project Spectrum bib in a denimy blue ombre and didn’t even menace him with it, he seemed relieved!

36 thoughts on “In which I read more books and knit more bibs”

  1. For a good cats-and-home-improvement story, go check out this old entry from my friend Stacy –

  2. I just did a dishrag in the same ‘countryside hombre’- its a very pretty color. Tee- hee.. I’m sure Chaos is probably just expecting to wear the bibs now! I bet he wears them when you’re not home..

  3. I just finished a bib in the countryside ombre color. It’s a nice color but, you’re right, the name doesn’t fit.

    Poor Chaos. Construction and cats just don’t go well together.

  4. I’m reading Eleven on Top right now… I’ll have to pester my dad to get the next one if it is Ranger Ranger Ranger (for me that means Vin Diesel Vin Diesel Vin Diesel hahahahaha).
    If you keep mistreating Mr Chaos Cat like that I’ll have to jump on a plane and rescue him hihihi.
    I love those bibs… I guess I’ll have to buy the book while I’m in the US 🙂

    Cheers Eva

  5. Poor Chaos–the indignities we subject our furry friends too 🙂 Oh, I bet he’s in a state about having your windows changed out–my cats can’t handle any type of change without making a huge issue out of it.

  6. I think I need to read more Janet Evanovich books – London Friday and bookshops- yay!

    Poor Chaos, fireworks aren’t the thing for cats at all.

  7. CHAOS CHAOS! *shakes head* Haven’t you learned to runaway BEFORE she puts the bib round your neck. Your a sucker for punishment 🙂
    Another lovely couple of bibicurs!!

  8. Poor Chaos is going to start dreading every time he sees you begin to bind a bib off! Lucikly you confused him on the denim one 😉

    You really make me want to invest in more mystery books — but then I look at my TBR bookcase and think.. maybe more of these should just hop into my purse ‘to go!’

  9. I love these bibs you’re making! I had MDK out of the library, but I think I must have returned it. Pooh. I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow, too. A couple of bibs would be a perfect add on gift.

  10. OMG, I didn’t know Janet’s new book was out already. I love her books. Grandma is the best character, aside from Ranger of course.
    So, I seem to have missed something. Who receives all these bibs you’re knitting? Is Chaos that messy of a diner?

  11. I love Janet Evanovich’s books. It’s so funny that we can be attracted to a book character (Ranger) we’ve never had a visual of. Grrrowl.

  12. Hez came in early & quite willingly with me last night – they were setting off fireworks all day yesterday and probably all night. I heard some at 4 in the morning. She eventually go brave enough to jump up on the wardrobe chest and keep an eye on the street, but I don’t think she was all that impressed.

    Wasn’t that cat book cover cute? I wonder how old it was.

  13. 12 Sharp is laying on the coffee table, waiting to be read — I have to finish the latest Jonathan Kellerman first (two very different types of who-done-its!)

    Those bibs are so cute! I wish I could find Sugar’n’Cream or Peaches’n’Cream in good colors! I can only find it in ugly ones — I really want to do some warshcloths in two solid colors, like they show in MDK.

  14. You have hooked me into the MDK bibmania, Chris. And poor three kitties at my house all had to model the bibs! Pictures to come. . .

  15. Poor Chaos! LOL!!

    I love the Countryside Ombre colors – I am knitting a burp cloth with the same. Your bib is adorable and I know from experience that oddly, the colors do NOT photograph true.

  16. man o man. I read 12 sharp in one day (in one sitting even… well, almost). Stephanie’s definitely got herself a difficult choice, b/c both of her men are hot hot hot. Ranger just happens to be more exciting to me. Tell Chaos that no one will ever replace him. Not even a mini-chaos!

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