Sunday sky (whoops)

Ok, so the day I take as completely computer free turns out to be the first Saturday Sky day. Alas! But then I noticed that Beck was also running a day late, so I figured what the heck. Besides, today it’s sunny. Yesterday was very rainy in these parts.

This picture was taken on the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge. The text is from one of my favorite poems, the specially commissioned John Ashberry poem that graces the bridge. And it’s rather Project Spectrummy, too, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Sunday sky (whoops)”

  1. Late, schmate. Who’s counting? Not me. I’d rather just see a beautiful picture of your sky! 🙂 ANd I did. I love that picture! Love the bridge. Love the saying.
    Get it?
    Thanks for joining in, Chris. It wouldn’t be a party without you!

  2. Phwe – I thought something happened to you. I was ready to send a tuna care package to Chaos, or “C-Cat” if you’ve Seen “Garfield – A Tale of Two Kitties”…yep life is real good over here with 3 girls under 11!!!!! save me

  3. I need a brain transplant!!!( Chris thanks for pointing out I’m making a blue denim socks that does count as the project spectrum color!) or maybe chaos put me under a hypnotic spell (there I go blaming an innocent cat! Glad I made it to the new site!!

  4. Speaking of…………where is Chaos? OMG! It’s Armegeddon! A Chris posting w/o a pic of Chaos.

    But then again, I suppose he didn’t want to go on the bridge.

  5. Wonderful poem on the bridge – great links! Chaos must be missing in action today because he has some foreknowledge of what is coming in the mail this week ;o)

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