Linkity wants spring to arrive in Minnesota

Congrats to Nicole A, who won Snapshots & Bylines (Friends to Lovers #1) by Stephani Hecht! Snapshots & Bylines is being released by eXtasy Books today.

Congrats to elaing8, who won Boots by Angel Martinez!! Boots will be released by Amber Allure on April 17.




Do, Think, Make, Learn

  • If you’re curious what using a standing desk is like before changing things around, this trick might help you get the feel for it.




Cool or Wha….?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Hard Fall by James Buchanan. ebook. Excellent kinky m/m romantic suspense about a deeply closeted Mormon sheriff’s deputy in Utah who needs the help of a handsome young climber to retrieve a body.
The Salisbury Key by Harper Fox. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense about an archeologist who abruptly loses his partner without warning or explanation and isn’t doing so well. I spent a bit of the first half of the book sniffling and blotting my eyes and wondering how this could possibly be romantic suspense!
Driftwood by Harper Fox. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense about a former British Army doctor who hides out in a crumbling tower on the coast of Cornwall, alternately working at the village clinic and binge drinking. He rescues a handsome surfer caught in the undertow, with no clue what the consequences will be…
Paris A to Z (Code #6) by Marie Sexton. ebook. Very good m/m romance in which the four guys from Coda, Colorado, are on their way to Paris for Cole and Jonathan’s wedding. What could possibly go wrong?! 🙂
The Charlie Factor by Diana DeRicci. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a former firefighter slowly recovering after nearly dying in a murderous fire. He’s befriended by a straight guy who finds himself developing very confusing feelings for his new friend.
Ethan’s Freedom (Portals #1) by Jade Archer. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a cat shifter, raised with his twin brother to be pleasure slaves to a mage, who manages to escape his world and find his way to Earth, through the cat door and into the home of a very surprised nurse.
Devon’s Revenge (Portals #2) by Jade Archer. ebook. Very good m/m paranormal romance about Ethan’s cat shifter brother who’s out on the streets, trying (not very successfully) to fend for himself and feeling vengeful toward Ethan for ruining their cushy, sheltered lives as pleasure slaves.
The Alpha’s Pet by Louise Gough. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about an omega werewolf who becomes mutually fascinated by the alpha’s latest bed pet and is subsequently inspired to change his status in the pack.
Binding the Wolf by Kay Derwydd. ebook short. Meh kinky short m/m paranormal romance about a couple who’ve been together for six years when one tells the other that he’s not exactly human… Waiting for six years into the relationship to share that and another revelation made absolutely no sense. Add to that the way the story jumped around abruptly and it just didn’t work.

“Wherefore art thou, stripey socks?!” -Mayhem

28 thoughts on “Linkity wants spring to arrive in Minnesota”

  1. I adore the concrete bookends but as for the jean boxer shorts…no, just no!

    I love photos of people with their kitties!

    And wasn’t Hard Fall just fantastic. I want the sequel!!!!

    May – keep at it May! Keep looking at your Mum…you’ll wear her down 🙂
    A recent post from orannia..FraudMy Profile

  2. Hey, Chris, did you happen to notice the values on the y-axis of the tea/coffee graphs? Brewed coffee and black tea are shown at the same height but the y-axis scales are wildly different: the coffee is about 150mg and the tea rings in at just 60 mg.
    A recent post from trek..SortingMy Profile

  3. I’ve been meaning to read Snow Crash for a while now. It sounds really good. Speaking of sounding good, eating my shoe does not sound good under any circumstances. Nope. Not happening.

    And much though she complains about the lack of stripes on that sock, I notice May isn’t moving…
    A recent post from Nicole..Wanted- Focus Inquire WithinMy Profile

  4. I would have sworn it said “provolone iodine pads”. Thought it was some new Italian thing.

    OMG, I need red velvet strawberry shortcake NOW!!!!!

    That origami is amazing.I made a pig once.

    Kris so needs that chair for her collection.

    Wow, he’s packin’ in that underwear.

    I can’t believe you haven’t read Hard Fall before. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the sequel. Crying through the first half? Um. No. I have the Alpha’s Pet in my TBR but something about it just doesn’t appeal to me.
    A recent post from Tam..Sesame Street on Drugs T- U- WMy Profile

  5. Cheryl: Thanks for the heads up! I updated the kitty/dolphin video link.

    Seanna: I like the Bob’s Red Mill flour blend just fine – but I’ve been gluten-free for 15 years, so…

    Tam: Not sobbing crying – just sniffling and blotting my eyes… Does that help?! 🙂

    Trek: I didn’t notice the scale difference in the infographic. D’oh!

  6. So I need to lose my focus to become lucky? Hmm

    Loved the origami animals and what an interesting chair. I’m so hungry for anything red velvet now.

    I loved Hard Fall and Driftwood is really good too. The Alpha’s Pet was nice. I’ve got a few others on my TBR.

    Happy Friday!
    A recent post from Lily..My A-Z Reading Challenge the end for nowMy Profile

  7. Darn, I spent hours reading all the interesting articles, like the very very long post by Josh Lanyon on writers and readers and Kassa’s post on kinky as the new black.
    I also liked the lucky/unlucky article. I think I’m mostly looking for what’s there instead of that what I want to find. Lucky me! 🙂
    I have the first five books! Yay! Haven’t read a single one of them yet, but at least I know now that you thought they were worth the money I spent on them. 😉
    A recent post from Janna..Happy Gay Friday &amp The Sweet Spot and My weekend buysMy Profile

  8. Time for me to read Snow Crash! I read The Diamond Age last year and enjoy all the steampunk neo-Victorian whatnot. Stephenson’s early books can be pretty painful though (Big U, for examples).

  9. Awwww poor May. Her mama needs to knit some more stripy socks. Or those Beowulf ones. I pet May would really like those. 😉

    I read “provolone iodine pads” too and thought well, of course, they should be recalled! *shakes head*

    Okay, I tried not to click the dummy link. I really tried. I failed and will now have terrible dreams. I have teh dumbz.

    I really like the knitting needle clock though!
    A recent post from Bronwyn Green..Of Anime- Water Aerobics and RoofingMy Profile

  10. Love the meditation and writers comic!

    I hope libraries don’t disappear. That would be sad.

    Yum, red velvet strawberry shortcake! I think I’ve been eating my weight in strawberries lately. 😉

    LOL, I was wondering why Sears cared about sex enhancement spray.

    I’ve always thought most ventriloquist dummies were scarey.
    A recent post from Sydney..Random Wrap-up of WinterMy Profile

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